The Daddy Plan

A single father, four daughters. Someone returned from his past. What mischief will ensue?

Developer: ShaddyGames – SubscribeStarBuyMeACoffeeDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, animated, handjob, incest, loli, male protagonist, masturbation, oral sex, romance, sleep sex, twins, virgin, voiced, voyeurism

Extract and run.

Other Information:
Although the MC does work at the same school his daughters attend, the focus of the story will be home/family life, so expect a lot of time skips during school hours.
Currently there aren’t any choices, but there will be as the game progresses.
At it’s core this game will be a Romance. There won’t be any slave or good/bad MC options. That being said, I may throw in some light blackmail type stuff with a side character later on. Still to be decided and no promises. But I do have a certain character in mind if I do.

Planned tags
Anal (Avoidable), Harem, Milf, Pregnancy, Teen, Vaginal sex.
Probably tit and/or footjob(avoidable). Not really into those two myself, so if I add them they will be player’s choice.


  • Approx. 375 images and 7 animations
  • Option to change the school name. You can do so in the ‘Options/Extras’ screen, or at the start of a new game.
Rating: 3.6/5. From 303 votes.
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This game is simply a story… It doesn’t have to be believable, it just has to entertain. No one got hurt and everyone had fun (or not…) and if you don’t like it, just turn it off and play something else…
Art can express itself in many forms.


I love that Game… The Charakters are beautiful and the Story is realy Cool… cant wait to the next Update ….

Anonymous Fapper

Isnt this dev directly connected to that aussie that got arrested for making a game just like this???

We havent seen a version 0.5 for some time. Maybe the aussie pigs got to shaddy for helping that aussie dwv who is now in jail, I believe…

I guess we gotta delete this type of game shit before we all get fucking arrested….

Anonymous Fapper

The young girls have zero porn content.
If one day get a few porn, then DEV can have fear.

Before ANY SEXUAL content. Not.


Oh, come on with this game. Just improbabilities. And what’s more, you heat up the atmosphere by adding sweet little lolitas who would like to be ridden and nothing here. only busty old women older than MC are allowed. And this is supposed to be a sex game with lolita girls? And go fuck yourself with this secret fun.

Anonymous Fapper

Name one porn game, JUST ONE SINGLE FUCKING PORN GAME, with an even remotely “probable” plot. You fucking can’t, now can you?

Anonymous Fapper

Bro!! I damn near fainted at the part where the MC daughters are in the room discussing finding something bigger than a banana to practice performing oral sex on their dad with and the mother of the MC girlfriend comes walking in with a dildo talking about, Maybe this will be better? I’m like, WTF?!