In the game you live with your godmother and one of her daughters, you need a part-time job to be able to help with the expenses, you will get to know different personar and its history with decisions that can vary the behavior of each character. Little by little you will discover the different lives of each one and the relationships that you can establish as well as a mystery in this small city.

Developer: Dream Hot Games – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English, Spanish
Genre: 3dcg, Beautiful Ass, Adventure, Humiliation, Male Protagonist, seduction, Sexy Girl, small Tits, Voyeur

1. Extract and run.


Continuing Main Story

  • The main story continues with new scenes, remember to correctly follow the options to access the full story. Just be honest.
Rating: 2.9/5. From 142 votes.
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truth ✔

Still has 12 patreons, lol.

Anonymous Fapper

any cheats


guys what the difference between the compressed version and non compressed version

Anonymous Fapper

Images/animations quality, compressed versions are good for user with low spec mobile/Pc

Anonymous Fapper

does this dev not understand what a woman is because damn he’s fucking stupid why does it say he’s in the living room when it’s clearly a woman i don’t care if this dev does not speak english all that well that is the dumbest thing to get wrong

Anonymous Fapper

I mean, the newest appointed US Supreme Court Justice doesn’t know how to define a woman because ‘she is not a biologist’… Can you really expect some rando indie porn game developer to know the difference?!?!

Anonymous Fapper

The difference is that the Supreme Court Justice is an affirmative action hire and is a literal moron.

Anonymous Fapper

The difference is that that question was asked in bad faith…and she’s a lot smarter than you

Anonymous Fapper

Yeah pretty crazy that they picked an ape from the zoo and appointed it to the SC

Anonymous Fapper

Yup but isn’t that case with all countries supreme court? Alll morons don’t know what to do just sit and see what others say and can’t make his won decision looser

Anonymous Fapper

Was this translated from spanish with google translate or what ?