Po Po Porom

Po Po Porom is a slimy game about a female slime, trying to get power.
I know very creative.

Developer: aquiledelrosa – DiscordItch | Twitter |
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: monster girl, female protagonist, 2dcg, 2d game, tentacles

For usage on MAC/LINUX just use WINE.


– Power
– Dungeon
– Remake of CGI
– Slimes

Rating: 1.2/5. From 9 votes.
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Ok guys i will listen to the criticism, i wasnt going to update It anymore but okay i understand its bad but no one sayed specific why? If is all art there are others styles in game so whats better? Is the gameplay? Is lacking something? I genuine want to make it worth 1$ please say to me how can i improve.


Hey guys even the harsh criticism i thank you for.
This was my first game and yeah i tryed to buck a dolar i mean I’m not stealling neither scamming, it was a try, i would say a failure but im quite happy.
I got down for a while but yeah being bad just gives you a room to be good.
Also i will give a key for free for anyone that bought this game, my next one, so will be 2 for 1 dolar, idk if i will post it here tbh but anyways thanks guys.
I’m sorry i genuine tryed to do something good, maybe next time?
And a special thx for the annon defending me, i genuine got down but this restoured in me some will.
Have a great one guys

Anonymous Fapper

Man, a lot of people here don’t understand that getting better at art is a process. Style seems charming, Feels nice and retro from the screenshots.

Anonymous Fapper

That’s why you don’t make a game when you’re a beginner at art.

Anonymous Fapper

How do you think you get to the intermediate stage? You make stuff. If we scare off every novice we won’t have anyone left.

They made something, that’s better than you. And they’ll make something else, which’ll be better than this. So on, and so forth until they’re making things of incredible quality.

Are there better approaches for putting little pressure on them for visuals? Absolutely, look at Trials In Tainted Space, a text game where the writing is the focus. Art is just a cherry on top. But at the same time that isn’t the only way, nor should it be the only way to go about things.

Anonymous Fapper

You clearly don’t understand art nor the process of becoming better at it. You start by making shit and MAYBE posting it online, then you practice like a motherfucker at it for YEARS AND YEARS, and when you’re actually GOOD at it, THEN you start using it for commercial purposes.

Anonymous AI

When u don’t know how to draw and then you just justified it as “slime girl”


fair enough, my bad guys

Anonymous Fapper

Nah nah, you made something, be proud of that. Would play this any day over the ai crap some people are flocking to.

Anonymous Fapper

Hey dev, you mispelled “poo poo” in the title, cuz judging by the graphics of this game that must’ve been what you meant to call it.

Anonymous Fapper

They didn’t steal, they didn’t yoink your money, what’s the problem?

Anonymous Fapper

He clearly means the game looks like shit. You must be pretty fucking dense not to have picked up on that subtle implication.  😂 

Anon "M.C." Johnson

I would rather people pirate from other games than make shit this bad.