Pokeman Quest

In a world of male female segregation, a lone trainer takes it upon himself to… what’s his goal again?
Rape all the female trainers, will he succeed?, or will Nemesis (Pikachu) catch up with him?
Play to find out… if you’re okay with femdom, that is.​

Developer: SaltySai – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 1.3 Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2d Game, Big Tits, Footjob, Vaginal sex, Female Domination, Male Protagonist

1. Extract and run.

Rating: 2.4/5. From 76 votes.
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Mic Taisun

Everyone hates RPGM, most of us do at least

Anonymous Fapper

talk for yourself…I like RPGM if they are made well.

Anonymous Fapper

I was like you until I found ‘The Office Wife’ if all RPGM games were made like that I might even prefer them… which is odd to suddenly think about.


Cucks like you would like it no doubt by the choice of your said game.

Familyfuckers's Family

Selfburn, kinda rare.
Calling him “Cuck” because of the game implies that you also know about it? Calling him that without knowing the game would make u even dumber, but then again what to expect from a guy named “Familyfucker”.

Advice from me: Don’t comment and keep fucking your right hand, thats the only action you will ever get from your “Family”.

Anonymous Fapper

It’s actually easier to maintain and or complete games as a dev with rpgm than with the many abandoned renpy titles around. If you want a mountain of unfinished crap go renpy, if you want to visualize and articulate your projects go with rpgm. Also recent rpgm is powered by javascript and can also be run in the web browser.


1. your claim is dubious considering the massive amount of incomplete RPGM titles
2. shitting in a bowl is easier than baking a cake. which do you prefer to eat?
3. browser play is stupid when your game starts getting large. it will waste all your bandwidth
4. RPGM is nearly impossible to upgrade old saves while renpy is super easy. indie titles finance via donations which are really hard to get when you force the player to replay the game constantly by ruining his saves


by waste your bandwidth i meant the developer’s. I have seen very few indies try to do browser play and it always ended in tears

Anonymous Fapper

what the hell is this? scenes even when enabled look like they are incomplete, game is ultra buggy sprites are horrible (walk through wall, stuff), like literally the worst game around here

Anonymous Fapper

the game is pretty much unplayable, but even if it wasn’t, if you take a look at files, it doesn’t look like there are many worthwhile scenes

Anonymous Fapper

this game is all types of fucked up + you need to download something else to play it

Anonymous Fapper

If an AI possessed my computer, took a digital shit in my hard drive and left, finding this game among my files is how I’d figure out that’s what happened.