Pokemon Cultivation

Pokemon Cultivation is a perverted reimagined version of Pokemon Emerald where you are visited by a mysterious woman in a dream. She informs you that while trying to have a bit of fun, she made a mistake that could potentially cause mass extinction if left uncorrected. After scrambling to come up with a solution you have been chosen to intervene and prevent the catastrophic outcome, while there will be great danger she almost promised you a great reward as well.

Without any warning, you find yourself transported from your world to the enchanting land of Pokémon. Upon arrival, you realize that you possess unique abilities that have been granted to you, including the power to command others to submit to your will under certain conditions and even mate with Pokémon with a special gene creating unique offspring. As you explore the Pokémon world, you will encounter familiar foes such as Team Magma, Aqua, and Rocket, all while attempting to stop the ever-looming catastrophe.

Developer: Man Don’t Hop – Patreon | Discord | Roadmap | Twitter | ItchKo-fi |
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Male Protagonist, Pregnancy, Ahegao, BDSM, Bestiality, Corruption, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Internal view, Male Domination, Rape, Blackmail. Vaginal sex, Spanking, Mind control, Parody, Romance, Rpg, Turn-based combat, Monster Girl, Trainer, Furry

Extract and run.


New Void Pokemon: Dunsprace! (Can be found in your room after beating Motherwak)

– Introduces the Void shop (Hybrid Evolution items!)

-Introduces the Dungeon!

New Area: The Dungeon!

-You fight through 4 floors of trainers that scale based on your level.

-Each trainer gives loot upon defeat!

-The Fourth Floor is a Boss floor and the Bosses give wonder items!


Rival Battle: Vs Dawn! (Finish her mother’s quest and progress through the story, she appears in petalburg)

– 1 scene

Sub Gym Leader Battle: Vs Valerie (Beat sub leader Jasmine)

-1 scene

Dungeon Boss Battle: Vs Hecatia!! (You have to have beaten her Void Mudkip quest)

-If you decide to have “fun” with her she will leave an egg with Motherwak

Dungeon Boss Battle: Vs Cynthia?

Dungeon Boss Battle: Vs Gal Goodgirl

-1 scene


Hybrid Mawile can evolve with the Savage Axe

Hybrid Noibat can evolve with the Dhampir Rapier

Hybrid Eevee can evolve with the Harp

Hybrid Vulpix can evolve with the Oath Sign

Hybrid Eevee can evolve with the Winter Drip

Hecatia (otherworld) can be gotten from a Hecatia egg

Hecatia (earth) can be gotten from a Hecatia egg

Hecatia (moon) can be gotten from a Hecatia egg


Cynthia? is no longer on the same tile as Mawile so you’re no longer locked out of getting Mawile.

Cynthia? would sometimes not drop the Mega items, she will now upon defeat!

Hex maniac’s quest would repeat upon completing it. It should be fixed now.

Caroline’s scene would trigger twice if you entered your room after her quest.


Galley has been added to the game! The option appears if you try and head to the basement.

The mods made by  are in the game! You can use them by clicking the statues in your house  (Note: Use as your own risk)

Mod: Challenge mode has been added (The Mewtwo statue in the house)

Mod: Double battle mode has been added (The Plusle and Minun in the house)

Mod: Level Limiter has been added (The Buneary statue in the house.)

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Anonymous Fapper

Cant move. WASD doenst do anything. Do i need a controller?

Anonymous Fapper

where can i obtain a mega gardevorite

Anonymous Fapper

I cant play this game.


where can I find that person in which I’m suppose to deliver the letter in dewford town?

Anonymous Fapper

may is busted right now