Pokemon Cultivation

Pokemon Cultivation is a perverted reimagined version of Pokemon Emerald where you are visited by a mysterious woman in a dream. She informs you that while trying to have a bit of fun, she made a mistake that could potentially cause mass extinction if left uncorrected. After scrambling to come up with a solution you have been chosen to intervene and prevent the catastrophic outcome, while there will be great danger she almost promised you a great reward as well.

Without any warning, you find yourself transported from your world to the enchanting land of Pokémon. Upon arrival, you realize that you possess unique abilities that have been granted to you, including the power to command others to submit to your will under certain conditions and even mate with Pokémon with a special gene creating unique offspring. As you explore the Pokémon world, you will encounter familiar foes such as Team Magma, Aqua, and Rocket, all while attempting to stop the ever-looming catastrophe.

Developer: Man Don’t Hop – Patreon | Discord | Roadmap | Twitter | ItchKo-fi |
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Male Protagonist, Pregnancy, Ahegao, BDSM, Bestiality, Corruption, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Internal view, Male Domination, Rape, Blackmail. Vaginal sex, Spanking, Mind control, Parody, Romance, Rpg, Turn-based combat, Monster Girl, Trainer, Furry

Extract and run.


Intro changes!

  • You can now pick between Special Riolu or Special Absol!

New Special Pokemon!

  • Special Riolu has been added! (She doesn’t need friendship and evolves at level 25)
  • Special Lucario has been added! (Can Mega Evolve into Limit breaker Lucario with a Mega stone)
  • Special Absol has been added! (Hidden ability is Battlebond, which transforms her into Absol-Ur)
  • These Pokemon can also be gotten through Void Dunsparce

Dungeon changes!

  • All dungeon bosses have their own room! So you can pick who you wish to farm.
  • The level scaling has been fixed! Now the levels of enemies will be scaling as intended.
  • You no longer have to beat every trainer on the floor to progress, just find Dunsparce (Note: For the final boss ??? you do have to beat at least 1 trainer on the 4th floor of their dungeon)

New battles have been added:

  • Vs The Poke Knight, Dray
  • Vs The Ex-Cultist, Marnie
  • Vs The Sub Human Self, ???

New Hybrids have been added (You must defeat ??? to earn them):

  • Hybrid Sprigatito has been added
  • Hybrid Floragato has been added
  • Hybrid Meowscarada has been added
  • Hybrid Goomy has been added
  • Hybrid Sliggoo (my current favorite hybrid) has been added
  • Hybrid Goodra has been added
  • Hybrid Scorbunny has been added
  • Hybrid Raboot has been added
  • Hybrid Cinderace has been added

New Scenes have been added:

  • Valentine Scene has been added (Needs Hybrid Gardevoir, Strongest Dress Gardevoir)
  • May birthing scene has been added (Sleep in bed ten times after pregnant scene
  • Marnie after battle defeat scene as been added.
  • Roxanne pregnancy scene! (Have sex and sleep in your bed until it triggers)

More Mega Evolutions has been added (You get the stones every time you beat Cynthia in the dungeon):

  • Mega Flygon (Trapinch can now be found in Rusturf Tunnel)
  • Mega Milotic (Feebas can now be found while fishing in Dewford)
  • Mega Skarmory (Skarmory can now be found on route 116)
  • Mega Lapras (Lapras can be traded for while in Dewford)
  • Mega Honchkrow (Murkow can now be found in Petalburg woods. This Mega Stone is gotten from Marnie)
  • Mega Breloom

New Alt Hybrid has been added:

  • Sorcerer Delphox has been added (Introducing the new ability Five Magics)

New ability: Five Magics

  • Powers up Dark, Ghost, Psychic, Fire, and Electric-type moves by 1.3x

New item: Egg Hatcher

  • This item allow you got hold up to six more eggs at a time! This helps a lot with the next feature!

New feature: Shiny Hybrids!

  • Most hybrids (Outside of the new ones) have a Shiny form now. So I want to see some shiny hunting going on!

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