Pony Waifu Sim

Pony Waifu Sim is a is a FREE adult Dating Sim/Visual Novel/Adventure Game.

You play as a human who travels across dimensions into a strange world full of magical talking ponies!

Date Your Waifu!
Spend time with your favourite equines. Learn more about them. Fall in love!

These wonderful waifus are waiting for you! Can you make them all fall in love with you?

What other adventures await you in this magical world?

Play and find out!

Developer: StudioWhy – Patreon | Game Website | Developer Website | SubscribeStar | Twitter |
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Futa, Trans, Furry, Mobile game, Monster girl, Tentacles, Point & click, Parody, Simulator, Vaginal sex, Voiced, Voyeurism

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Pony Waifu Sim.exe” to start playing.
On MacOS you will need to run the following command in your Terminal: curl -L bit.ly/macallowapp | bash -s “/path/to/Pony Waifu Sim.app”

The game has a menu option, hit ESC at any time to bring it up.
This will allow you to save/load your game, change audio settings and send feedback if you like/dislike something or find a bug.
You can scroll through previous text with mouse scroll.
You can turn on/off character voice sounds.

Editing Names:
Navigate to: “%USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/StudioWhy/Pony Waifu Sim/”
or “~/Library/Application Support/StudioWhy/Pony Waifu Sim/” on Mac.
Open CharacterNames.data in any text editor and change the names of any characters.


  • Added the Memory Mirror and its accompanying story.
  • A very special surprise for the loneliest of players.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from reading books, required for progressing Purple’s route.
  • Many other minor bugfixes.
Rating: 3.5/5. From 390 votes.
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Anon "MC" Johnson

The Ponies are owned by Hasbro which uses Magic the Gathering to push homosexuality to children, so this is not far from the truth.

Anonymous NutZ

Wtf is this pedo 💩


Eventually if the commies and fags get their way this will be the actual cartoon on tv and what they will show your kids.

Anonymous Fapper

Dude’s trying to bring up politics in a PORN game about fucking ponies. Please do us the favor and jump your pompous, delusional ass off of a bridge.


Yup, you fags turn to censorship and then violence if you don’t get your way or receive criticism in any way. Makes sense though. Homos were always considered nuts throughout most of history. In the West that changed due to extreme propaganda. But you will not be able to stop nature.


You do realise sex is not solely for making offspring right? It is also a natural way to relieve stress. Which is why many other mammals such as lions, dogs, and dolphins have been recorded having gay relationships for a period when no female is present as even they need to unwind a little every now and then. Science is fun. Learn a bit of it 🙂

straight guy

LOL, obscure bullshit that never happens. A real scientist doesn’t use obscure bullshit to try and prove a point. That is what people who are trying to deceive do. Sex without procreation leads to extinction. That’s real science.

Anonymous Fapper

This “women are a means of procreation” mentality probably explains why you’re here on a porn site pretending to have the moral high ground in the first place… yeesh.

Anonymous Fapper

paw patrol, a show for infants under the age of 3, just added a new alphabet kid to the roster.

straight guy

Slippery slope. Look what disney does. They go all out trying to groom your kids.

Anonymous Fapper

Great game but … Idk how save my game in android, I missed almost 3 times my progress 🥺

Anonymous Fapper

Who even likes this shit? Seems like it’s meant for juice.