Randel tales

400 years ago, the Demon King and his army attacked the Unified Kingdom of Astylla. 15 years ago he was slain, yet his army is just as strong as when he was alive and the war shows no signs of ending. You play as a 19-years-old man who was taken in by a merchant when he was 4 and lives in the town of Randel where he just started going to the Academy and finally became an adventurer like he had always dreamed.

But it’s not only adventure that awaits our protagonist. Many beautiful girls are waiting to be conquered by the charm of our young main character and his incredible muscles (muscles which might not actually be that incredible), from elves to dwarves, from shy childhood friends to mean redheads, from nympho guards to pure town girls, The world of Randel Tales truly is a varied place, where you can be the greatest of heroes… Or the greatest of villains.

Randel Tales Trailer

Developer: Bunis – Patreon | Discord | Itch.io | Twitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: Fantasy, Medieval, Magic, Romance, Ahegao, Harem, Anal sex, Creampie, Rape, Threesome, Masturbation, Voyeurism, BDSM

Extract and run.


-Added two h-scenes for Taliyaexpanded her route lightly and changed its ending.
Patreon version now has a button that automatically unlocks the entire gallery!
-Added Taliya’s route CGs to the gallery.
-Added 6 new tracks, one of which replaces the main theme in the menu after finishing the game!
-Added a new interactive menu at home!
-Added a story option related to Twig.
-Added a new mouse pointer.
-Added some missing lines regarding Thea when talking with Uncle Pete — Also added an option regarding Taliya.
-Added a sound when selecting things in interactive menus such as the map and the home screen.
-Added more of Thea’s images to the gallery.

-Changed Pete’s hut code to make it tidier.
-Changed so Taliya is permanently gone after you finish her route.
-Changed the leveling-up system slightly.
-Changed the nice font we had before for another that supports Chinese and Russian characters.
-Changed the size and width of the text to account for the new font.
-Changed the guild’s background image!
Changed radically the UI (for the better)!
-Changed the code for when music and sfx are played so that MTL is easier.

-Fixed a lot of spelling mistakes and grammar.
-Fixed a bug with a label during Zenelith’s romance route.
-Fixed the home screen which wouldn’t update under certain consequences or be greyed out.
-Fixed ghost images in the gallery.
-Fixed the bug where the note regarding peeping Thea remains even after deciding to stop.
-Fixed the bug with Thea disappearing in old saves (partially.)

Removed TEMPORARILY cheats, they’ll be back in one of the next bug-fixes.
Redrawn an old Cynthia CG in her first event.
-Slightly polished Thea’s sleeping CG so that now she’s got hands.

Rating: 3.8/5. From 321 votes.
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