Real Power

In a world where heroines and super powers exist; you are a meta-engineer that, by accident,
gets their hands on a weapon capable of actually changing the system.
For better or worse that’s your decission to make.
The weapon is capable of changing people, their thoughts, feelings and who they are as a whole.
Become a super villain, a self serving hero, a revolutionary, or a little bit of everything.
Whatever you choose, one thing is certain, the people that created the weapon want it back, and you dead.
Make allies or force them into your cause, as you are thrown into a world much darker than it pretends to be.
And have fun while you’re at it.​

Developer: ExerBastion – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Mind Control, Harem, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Male Domination, Female Domination, Lesbian, Super-Powers, Big Tits, Big Ass, Latex, Corruption, Mind Break, Milf

Extract and run.

Bugs fixed
2 new plot scenes setting up future updates
with 1200 lines of code
and more than 5000 words
An end of day menu to interact with companions

Ps: Some of the issues were structural problems in how the update was set,
so it may go weird or fail with previous save files

2 new game protagonist
to choose at the beguinning of the game
8500 lines of codes
200 images
55000 words
3 characters to dominate
with more than 6 scenes each

Rating: 3.6/5. From 11 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Pretty interesting so far. the sex is the weakest part though.
Art needs to be better. also needs to actually show the sex acts rather than just showing us a naked stillshot and writing how you have sex.

Anonymous Fapper

Looks Woke.

Anonymous Fapper

Because it is set in a dystopian hellhole.

Anonymous Fapper

Its Kinda Sad that Cant play in Android Device thou…

Anonymous Fapper

Good idea, horrible art.. thought someone puked on my screen for a sec.


+choose male or female char. male is kinda effeminate. author said he will make him more masculine for next update.
+dystopian hellhole futuristic society with “superheroes”. Superheroes are literally cops is silly costumes, and actually just enforcers for ultra corrupt govt.
+AI “big sister” surveylance state.
+you have the power of super intellect. govt forces you to work as in police in managing big sister and coordinating strike teams
+right off the bat you see police brutality and misconduct by your coworkers. and if you try to tell them to tone it down threats on what happens to snitches.


+accidentally stumble across experimental mind control device.
+realize you are totally fucked. you can’t hide having seen it. they will disappear you.
+steal it and replace it with a broken fake you fab on the spot.
+use it to rebel.
+lots of choices. how far do you take the mind control? how do you mind control? are you a bleeding heart or a selfish bastard? somewhere in between?
-first release a little buggy