Room for rent

Adult game about you – having young girls moving in – how will you treat them?

About the game:
The game is about you- having  new roommates –  young innocent, beautiful and very shy girls.

Your job is to force them into situations where you slowly learn them to be less virginal and less shy.
In fact you have to manipulate them, so …..

We have done our utmost to make an adult game that covers all your requirements from a game like this.

  • -Very good story
  • -Slow but stable process – depending on your skills
  • -High resolution images
  • -All images are fully rendered in 4000 *2280 pixels and resized
  • -Lot of decisions to make – and tasks to fulfill
  • -One spoken sentence – one new image!
  • -Lot of teasing events
  • -16 event slots per day – 7 days a week with progress in all events in demo version
  • -Very beautiful girls

So far – we have spent more than 2 years to create a non compromised “State of the Art” adult game.

We have done our utmost to make an adult game that covers all your requirements from a game like this.

Developer/Publisher: Bob Bobson and CeLaVieGroup
Language: English
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Genre: Role-play, 3DCG, Voyeurism, Roommate, Corruption, Love, Hack, Sexy cloth
Censorship: No

1. Extract and run.

v14 Beta A

71 new events and almost 700 new images are waiting for you.
The game includes now more than 10.000 images in total!
Visiting Emily’s room during the day and evening and breakfast at 08:00 – are good ideas if you want some progress
In this release you’ll understand why the girls are so naive and you’ll understand the plot behind it all.
Read the dialogues and the story becomes much better – that’s it!!!
A huge thanks to all the alpha testers- you’ve done a great job
You might think that this is the end of the story – but just to let you know – the story has just begun.
You’re now able to change all names – just visit office at noon.

Rating: 2.4/5. From 580 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

If the old ugly guy is the MC… hard pass.. who wants to watch Skinny Santa corrupt young girls? And the game is grindy… um no thanks.

Anonymous Fapper

Just wanted to inform that amy’s announce at the beginning of the game is actually a french texte analysing a greek frieze showing the twelve gods of the greek Pantheon. Seem’s de dev is a man of culture…

Anonymous Fapper

Just the TAGS alone mean its not for me.

Anonymous Fapper

32/32 and what next?

Anonymous Fapper

This game is not possible to progress. No hint, no walkthrough. How you guys even know how many tasks you have completed ?


the office does supply some hints ,at some times of the day although the hints are often not useful. If stuck, make sure you check every place in every time slot as the girl can be in multiple places at the same time. Choose the time slot that appears to be offering progress. Checking time slots is especially important on weekends. as the photo sessions may only trigger at one location and one time on a particular weekend day.


Photo sessions only happen on weekends, so when completing one session you will have to skip to the next weekend to do the next. Sometimes photo sessions will not trigger unless prerequisite tasks have been completed


Game is very heavy on grind. Not a game for impatient fappers.