Secret Care Cafe

In Secret Care Cafe everyday seemed like nothing was changing. Go into your cubicle, put in numbers to the sheets, prepare presentations, hope for bonus every quarter. Only to see your manager get all the credit for your work. Was it your fate to spend the rest of your days at the same place, being just an insignificant pawn in your own life? No!

You’ve had enough! With the help of your loyal girlfriend Cynthia, you took a loan, left your old workplace behind and opened a Maid Cafe! Cynthia and two of her good friends become maids that will help you with everyday struggles!

You can be the owner of a cafe where your customers will feel at home, have pleasant conversations with the maids and drink coffee in peace, while you learn more about your maids. If you spent enough time with them, they even might develop a romantic interest in you.

Or you can go with the naughtier option for your cafe. If you buy a special items in the shop and give them to your maids, you can o rder them to take special care of the clients. Ask them to meet with clients after work to know them better, help them with their issues or even serve them in a sexy way. That can even provide your maids with special benefits and unlock special interactions in the cafe with said clients.

Clients coming to your cafe will ask for their preferred drinks and dishes. Your job is to stock up on the items a day before while during the day you assign to each client a maid, preferably the one they like the most, and prepare the orders, while the maids entertain the guests, making them order more than they could ever eat or drink. Getting more and more tips for you is their specialty.

After each work day it’s time to prepare for the next day. You can choose to spent time with your girlfriend to deepen the relationship or you can learn more about your new colleagues. If maids gain enough information from the client, you can look through client’s book to learn more about guest’s preferences and special abilities.

Remember to stock up on the items and if you have some cash laying around, why not buy some special items for your new friends or for the cafe?

While talking with your maids you can encounter some sweet scenes, where you learn more about them, maybe a funny event where something stupid and cliche happens. But if your maids get lewd and your relationship with them is deep enough, scenes can get more and more risky and sexy.

Instead of talking with your favorite maid, you can ask them to meet up with clients, learning more about them. But if maids are lewd enough there will be a moment during the meeting with the client where maids will ask you how far should they go with a client. It’s all up to you.

Your actions and decisions have an impact.

After you’ll get comfortable with basics of the game, you’ll unlock new maids for your cafe and special rooms where there are new ways for you and your maids to improve and serve the clients. Keep your cafe clean and your maids rested to avoid Bad Endings.

Random events might trigger after each day of work. This makes sure you will get different experience everyday.

Game has both NSFW (not safe for work) and SFW (safe for work) mode. Thanks to that option, if you are not interested in lewd content or if you just aren’t in the mood right now, you don’t have to worry about it popping out on you. SFW mode has some scenes changed but most of nsfw events just doesn’t show up while SFW is turned on.

Hunt for specific events to fully fill the CG gallery by encountering them during gameplay! Buy and earn new skins for your cafe and maids!

Developer: Rare Alex – PatreonItchDiscord | Twitter | Subscribestar |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2D game, 3DCG, Adventure, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Male protagonist, Management, Milf, Oral sex, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Group sex, Multiple penetration, Swinging, Netorase, Anal sex

Extract and run.


– added 2 new events, Ame’s chat event (early event), Cookie’s nsfw random event with client,

– added Cynthia’s mom animation and a new song to backrooms menu

– changed some events positions in gallery

– fixed some triggers for Ame’s event starters

– fixed bug with Gyaru Couple event that showed the first event completed even if you didn’t agree with the couple

– fixed flashing in everyone’s Break event, fixed CG not saving in gallery and not showing second CG

– fixed few flashing images in preparation Menu and in Bunny Skin

– fixed repeating Clint event each time you started the game and not saving correctly

– fixed some descriptions in the shop and button positions

– small code optimizations

– fixed few typos



– added 2 new event (nsfw Cynthia’s parents with animation and one random sfw event)

– added information to Sergil’s take out description that it works on couples too

– fixed Halloween event in gallery having gray couple of screens and out of place text if you choose Cynthia

– fixed Summer Pool Ticket event appearing even if you didn’t equip summer skin

– fixed bug that crashed the game if you returned to title screen while having Cynthia’s Dad’s cash bonus

– fixed Rai speaking instead of Cookie in event where Rai goes around the city

– fixed Cookie speaking instead of narration in one of the random events

– fixed displaced portrait for Rai in first Cafe Cleric event

– fixed narration being said by Cynthia in Cafe Cleric results

– fixed detection of hovering over Font 1 button in settings being incorrect

– some code optimizations in backrooms and gallery

– fixed a lot of typos (thanks NepNep for the wall of fixes! <3 )

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Rating: 2.5/5. From 625 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Zero MFFF again
Cliche gay gromming
No surprise.

Anonymous Fapper

Im not surprise that you are still a virgin desperately trying to cope by playiing all the harem games… AND all the cuck games too, cuz this guy always know the ending of those games too

Anonymous Fapper

You are not gay = then you are virgin
Cliche gay gromming comment

Anonymous Fapper

Complainnig about content you dont like in a porn game calling it “gay” because is not the MC who fucks the girls is pretty fucking virgin, if you are so desparte to self insert a random guy in a game to expirience “SEX” you definitely have never touch a woman

Anonymous Fapper

2+ GUYS fucking = GAY
2+ girls fucking = LESBIAN

“Oh no, i am a pansexual panda butterfly than love all people.”

If you man than love another mens = GAY
Nobody care with the ++++ of lgbt group.

Anonymous Fapper

And again using the GAY GROMMING comment.
“You are not interesed in a GAY GAME because you are virgin”

Maybe 90% of mens are different of you little boy. And never touch a men. Thats why people avoid this gay game.

Anonymous Fapper

What is gay acording to you boy? watching another man fuck a woman? then congratulations you are gay, you are on a porn site filled to the brim with “gay porn” because let me tell you something boy, You are NOT the one fucking the girls in a porn game, nor in porn either. Even if you self insert as hard as you can you are still not touching a woman

Anonymous Fapper

Do You prefer a Variety of girls?
Or a variety of boys???

Gay mens and female straight prefer variety of boys
Straight mens and female lesbian prefer variety of girls.

But you always can call “spice butterfly panda helicopter table panda pansexual blablabla” content. Useless gay fetish for boys NPCs.

Anonymous Fapper

“You playing all games”
Maybe people look changelog without lay 99% of games?

Patreon page. 6 days ago. NEW BOY CLIENT. GAY CONTENT. Nothing to male MC straigh path.

But sorry if you are so dumb. “Bee butterfly bird panda spice little boys” have low IQ. Then no problem.

Anonymous Fapper

I feel like I am a helicopter, now I am a helicopter yayy


I played this game without MC girlfriend getting fucked by other guys easy to do so people who complaign about that it is because they chose that path lol so yeah since other girls are not MC girlfriend how can you say MC is beeing cucked lol makes no sense:)

Anonymous Fapper

Also the MC is supposed to be a pimp DX

Anonymous Fapper

How many MFFFF content?
Do you can broke up with cheap slut? Because i have zero sexual interest in romance a prostitute.

The big problem is the LACK of choices. Forced prostitutes.
Zero girls not prostitutes.

If DEV add 5 or 10 girls 100% not prostitutes to MC. And let MC avoid all prostitutes, i can make a try.

“Romancing prostitutes”. WHY????


Wow, NTR avoidance. And what content replaces the avoided NTR? Lots of spicy harem content as advertised, or NOTHING? Dumb fucking cunt.

Anonymous Fapper

soice harem duh, is a game in development you dumb cunt, it also has real gameplay and a skill tree and shit, just by the mere concept of the game there is more “ntr” content

Anonymous Fapper

“more gameplay” = more time wasted

If more time wasted, NEED BETTER REWARDS. NEED MORE GIRLS. NEED MORE PORN CONTENT to worth waste time.

Visual novel with futa gay ntr mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmf is bad
Sandbox/point click/grind with all shlt is worse,


Nobody gives a fuck about your opinion of NTR. You’re clearly a dumb fucking queer and spastic vermin.

Anonymous Fapper

wait who are you talking to? cuz that looks like a anwser to the no mfff = gay guy

Anonymous Fapper

mmmmmmmf spice reeeeeeeeee

Anonymous Fapper

No. But no THREESOME to male Straight.

And if NO ALTERNATIVE PATH WITH similar content (MFFFFFFF) ti male MC straight, then DEV is making a GAY GAME. Not a HAREM game.

Neither half gay/half harem.

Its 80% bromance harem MMMMMF and 20% dating sim in male MC straight path with zero MFFFFF content


I was talking to that spastic cunt who thinks a harem consists of 1 girl.

Anonymous Fapper


You chose a game with 10% of content in Male MC straight path. And you lost 90% of the game (bromance path).

You are “very smart”.

Anonymous Fapper

bro is there 2 of you or are you so autistic you comment twice every time?

Anonymous Fapper

1 billion of positive comments about superbowl. Its fake. Its robot because i hate NFL. Then its 2 or 3 or “400 of you”

The amazing cricket championship don’t have a billion of comments. Impossible. I love cricket (ntr gay futa sc at and other sh it)

605 votes
100 fans 5*
200 … 2-3%
300 voter 0.5-1 (“300 of me?”)

Think about who is the real “austistic”

Anonymous Fapper

Now im not sure if you are one of the best troll iv ever seen, or you are legit a virgin autistic boy

Anonymous Fapper

You are not gay = Then you are autistic
Cliche gay gromming comment again

Anonymous Fapper

You are not gay = then you are fas cist / na zi / killer / pe do / (insert 1k offenses) to make straight mens have shame of not be gay.

Because “be gay is COOL. And all straight people need die.”

Anonymous Fapper

see the same comment twice and written in the same fucking maner, is imposible is 2 diferent guys is you, you are commenting twice every time, i mean is a harmless hobby but is still sad

Anonymous Fapper

why do people complain free stuff ? like bro if you subs to the patreon you can request whatever fetish u have, the guy who made this already state that in his discord and the stuff he made was discussed with member of his discord regarding they subs or not

Anonymous Fapper

STDs are free too and I complain if a girl gives me one.

Anonymous Fapper


Maybe little boys with fetish for another boys. Trying push G…Y fetish for other people. But not sure.

Anonymous Fapper

Cheap slut fucks for money too. DEV make cheap content for money. Cheap prostitute DEV.

Anonymous Fapper

this crap aint cheap bro, BESIDES i’ev seen you guys defend some REAL cheap shit out there, like shit so bad woman dont even resemble woman

Anonymous Fapper

gay mmmmf is cheap and S H I T.
But if you love this S H I T, its your problem.

Anonymous Fapper

So if I left a sandwich that has shit for filling for you to eat, are you going to complain? It’s free after all. Moron.

Anonymous Fapper

is he forced to eat your shit sandwich? really stupid comparison xDD

Anonymous Fapper

Are we forced to download this? Moron.

Anonymous Fapper

congratulations you played yourself


Why the fuck do you care, snowflake? Maybe go back to watching your tranny girlfriend cuck you.

Anonymous Fapper

@trash trannies are not women.
It is his tranny boyfriend.

Anonymous Fapper

Once again these guys thinking there is a difference between who fuck the girls in game, you are not the mc, shit you can´t even chose the name of this guy

Anonymous Fapper

Play. Have a fun fucking GUYS.
And stop TRYING PUSH YOUR GAY MMMMSHIT for other people.

ENJOY. HAVE FUN. Stop crying.

Anonymous Fapper

counter arguments are making even less sence know, i suppoused your brain is rotted from your porn adiction or maybe the more “coerent” guys finaly end themselfs

Anonymous Fapper

You are playing MMMMMMF sh…t.
I am playing MC+Female games. MFFF games.

Not so addicted to porn to become a “butterfly” interested in boys.
You went from MF to embracing MMMMMMMF. But just for “plot reasons” right? No addiction for dicks of boys?


Anonymous Fapper

yu aint playing any of those games dude , you are in literally every single “cukc” and gai game and you know the plot and ending of all of them, get out of your clozset

PD:c. en.ll sor. ll ship

Anonymous Fapper

i just realise the site block you comments if you have addblock

Anonymous Fapper

Copy your comment.
Reload page
Try again.

Work here in my Browser.

Anonymous Fapper

more likely it’s the other way around – your adblock is preventing the website from posting the comment, I don’t use one and everything works fine

Anonymous Fapper

Hypothetically. You only have time to play 1 porn game.
Do you choose a game with 3 girls love interest and 10 boys love interest?
Or a game with 10 girls LI and 0 boys LI?
Can’t you see the reason for the lack of interest from 90% of the players?

Anonymous Fapper

> Here is man A
> You control his every move
> You watch the world through his eyes
> When talked pronouns such as “you” are used.
> Games ask “what is your name” and then refer to you by that name
> Hurr durr it is not you. there is no difference at all between watch your-name fuck a girl or watching your-name get cucked.

does it hurt being this stupid?

Anonymous Fapper

Every time I come here, there’s new rants about this “cuck” game. Don’t you people ever get tired of typing?

Anonymous Fapper

GAY NETORARE FUTA MMMMMF poping all time. In “last updates”
Changelog: More GAY MMMMF shit

Anonymous Fapper

Summarize all paths to other people:
Male MC straight path:
X number of MC fucking girl (MF)
Y number of sex scenes MC+FFF
Male MC gay / voyeur / NTR / MMMF path:
Z number of sex scenes watching bros fucking girls for plot reasons
W number of MC+M+M+1 female to “spice harem of guys”.
V number of MC fucking girls with dick.

Then people can try if content in prefered path. I am not because not interesed in 90% of game. Gay voyeur MC path / Netorare MMMMF bromance.

Anonymous Fapper

Just play the game if you enjoy it? No reason to expose yourself to comments that make you upset.

Anonymous Fapper

Anon, have you tried not being a a cuck?

Anonymous Fapper

Annon have you touch a real woman? guys lets not forget, it is just a fucking game thats what all this “cucks” in the comments are trying to teach you

Anonymous Fapper

Funnily enough, it’s teh ‘cucks’ that haven’t touched women lmao.