This is a game adaptation of a story I have found on Archive of Our Own. It´s a story about a brave young girl buying a help from a wise professor. With sexual favours. It’s little bit on the short end, but funny. A lot of kinky stuff. BDSM etc. Not for the light minded. Everybody in this story is older than 18 years old.

Developer: Othelosan – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Corruption, Teen, Fantasy, light RPG, BDSM, animated

You need RPG Maker VX ACE installed to run this game.

This is a full game (with minor bugs). I want to add a free-roam mode sometime in the future.

Rating: 1.9/5. From 18 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

why hello Witch trainer knockoff

Anonymous Fapper

wow hand drawn art scanned into the game? i thought rpgm games couldnt get any worse

Anonymous Fapper

wtf.. is this supposed to be a parody of a game? looks like it has been made by a 4 year old.

Anonymous Fapper

That pleasure isn’t comfortable in Android ????

When i play a rpgm game then after 1 hour playing the game has unfortunately stopped and all the daa i played in one hour has been lost,
So i wish u will a save button in all rpgm game in game playing screen for one click save ????

Do it bud