Sugar Mom

Sugar Mom is a visual novel that tells about an epic fighting of the Big Boobs VS the Big Nerd.
The main heroine –  Mrs. Moore never get bored while her husband is away. She is always looking for a fuck and to stuff her pussy full of large cock.
Lewd MILF cannot deny herself small pleasures especially when a new pool boy comes in sight. She intends to make sure this shy guy can live up to her lewd expectations.

Developer: Zuleyka – Website | Patreon | Twitter | Newgrounds | Youtube
Censored: No
Platform: Web
Language: English
Genre: Visual Novel, Dating, Big Breasts, Corruption, BJ, Fisting, Cunnilingus, Creampie, Cumshots, Fucking, MILF, Nerd, Cheating Wife

1. Full hardcore routes to play
2. XXX sounded
3. Image quality HD 1080p
4. Reworked text, thanks to Boots
5. For Win, Mac, Android & Linux

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Rating: 3.0/5. From 118 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Isn’t he the nerd classmate who wants pictures of the cheerleader near the beginning of No More Secrets?


Allot of the characters are from source and un/edited by the game dev
[like you´l see females in more then one game that look verry similar if not identical]

Anonymous Fapper

Android version,pls

Anonymous Fapper

Is this happennig during the 80’s or something? Because nowadays even nerds don’t look like that anymore.

Anonymous Fapper

Iconic more than just like stage porn

Anonymous Fapper

any updates on this game?


Is it just me or she looks like Rihanna?

Anonymous Fapper

It is just you.

Anonymous Fapper

It is really 100% just you ma boy, change your glasses asap & contact your nearest ophthalmologist.. thank me later