Pleasure Thieves [Chapter 1 v1.1] [Honey Tales Factory]

Overview Info Changelog Images "Pleasure Thieves" put you in the role of a teenager who moves to study journalism in a famous university. Usually, he is not very lucky with girls, but after meeting his roommate, he will discover it might be a way to improve his luck. This visual novel is a "comedy" game that [...]
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Ben X Slave Quest [v0.04c] [Newman & Akanoes]

Overview Info Changelog Images A parody trainer game based on the Ben 10 franchise, train Gwen and more characters into the perfect slut. In a story starting directly from one of the series' episodes, Albedo is double-crossed by the space villain Vilgax after obtaining Ben Tennyson’s Omnitrix. He transforms into the powerful Ultimate Humongosaur with [...]
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Titans Tower [Sexyverse Games] [Final Version]

Overview Info Images Try to get with Starfire, Jinx and Raven! All three will have many interactions as you live at Titans Tower! Who will you get with?​ Developer/Publisher: Sexyverse Games Censorship: No Language: English OS: Windows, Mac, Android Genre: Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, 2D, Corruption, Parody Installation: 1- Extract to desired location. 2- Click [...]
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Wands and Witches [v0.76] [Great Chicken Studio]

Overview Info Changelog Images When you turned 18, you received a letter with an invitation to the Hogwarts University of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Because magic is not for children! Developer/Publisher: Great Chicken Studio - Patreon | Censorship: None OS: Windows, Mac, Android Language: English Genre: Fantasy, RPG, 2D , Erotic Parody, teen, big cock, animated, [...]
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The Shop of Horrors [Futabox] [Final Version]

Overview Info Images For those who Liked "Futa in the Police Academy": this game will bring you the unforgettable impressions. The rest of you, you'll find something to enjoy, to be excited about.​ Developer/Publisher: Futabox Censorship: No Language: English OS: Windows, Android Genre: 2d, futanary, parody, big tits, anal sex Installation: 1- Extract to desired location. 2- Click [...]
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The Mystic Energy [v1.2] [Rakis]

Overview Info Changelog In this story you will follow the adventures of a creature, born in a world that he doesn’t know. You can follow the evolution of him during his journey. There will be many characters and locations to be discovered, quests to complete in order to let the creature improve his abilities. Developer/Publisher: [...]
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Pony Tale Adventures [v0.02] [Spookitty]

Info Developer/Publisher: Spookitty Censorship: None OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android Language: English Genre: 2d, no sexual content, fantasy Installation: 1- Extract to desired location. 2- Click on "MyPoneVN.exe" to start playing. Download Links: Download for Windows Download Download (Mirror) Download for Mac Download Download (Mirror) Download for Linux Download Download (Mirror) Download for Android Download v0.01.1
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The Wilting Amaranth [Reine Works] [Final Version]

Overview Info Images The Wilting Amaranth is a yuri-oriented (that is to say, girl-on-girl) adult visual novel featuring three different women who cross paths at a mysterious witch’s tower. Each of the ladies in the game is dealing with their own troubles in life, and these problems are complicated by the fact that they’re a [...]
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