The Castaways

”The Castaways” is one of many games being created in a fictional American city known as ”Flash City”. Flash City is a city known for its glitz and glam through the many nightclubs and casinos found throughout the city. Some say it’s like New York City, other’s say it’s like Las Vegas. In reality, the city is the outcome of what you get when you combine both together.

The Castaways will take the player on a journey through different situations with different outcomes. “Really? SizzleSurp3D s-said d-different outcomes?!” Indeed I did. In Chapter 1, you will be given different opportunities to recruit followers, form relationships and find out about each character and their traits. This will construct a different playthrough in the following chapters, depending on what you choose of course. So you can pretty much pick and choose who you want to get acquainted with.

In the Castaways, you will play as a 24 year old male, who, accompanied by your wife, join your fa-friends.. on a journey to a tropical resort known as the ”Flash Islands.” You have not been in contact with them for an extended amount of time, but, this vacation will give you the opportunity to catch up with them. However, what seems like a nice little getaway from the everyday work and stress you are used to, takes a turn for the worse.

Thank you for playing!
– SizzleSurp3D

Developer: SizzleSurp3D – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Male Protagonist, Female Domination, Vaginal Sex

1. Extract to desired location.
2. Click on ”TheCastawaysDemoUncen” to begin playing.
Rating: 2.8/5. From 24 votes.
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