The Inception

Amelia City, year 2356 – in The Inception you play a bounty hunter, an agent out of the system, who survives day by day with a shitty job. He will be involved in a chase he does not expect. Where his past will come to light.

Developer: Nirala Games – SubscribestarPatreonTwitterItch | Discord | Boosty |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian
Genre: Incest, Teen, MILF, Harem, Big Cock, Big Tits

Rating: 3.4/5. From 87 votes.
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Yo' Momma

I love the game!!! But, sadly, it is tooooo short.
Can you please change the daughter, that it isn’t the daughter but someone else? MC being a dad sucks ass


I love the story and want more! When will the new update be released?

But there is only 1 thing… Can’t you change the MC his daughter to a second sister? It’s is waaaaaaaay tooooo strange like this… A sister is already kinda strange but a daughter? Come on man, you can do better, it’s just a small text change…


Best game


So, fist of all, some precision on the setting.
The MC is a fucking dad* of one of the female protagonist (so, he has at least 36yo if we stick to 18 basis) that live with her grand-parents while the MC live with his sister.
* I personally hate playing a dad since I can’t relate to such character and they generally exasperate me.

Then, we get multiple images with text unwrapping on them (there is no pause and we don’t have the time to read them fully), the dev could have done that entirely with what Ren’Py already propose, that is background image with a personalized narrative text on it, but no, the dev integrated the text directly in a movie with the images.

Also, the scene where the MC run is really shitly made, it’s like it don’t know if the camera should act as if it was on 3rd or 1st person position, so we end up with a weird animation.


I however try to go a little further, but dudes, the scene with the sister is so ridiculous and stupid.

Anonymous Fapper

Seems like a bit of a take-off of City of Broken Dreamers… in style, animation, and general atmosphere. But, it is good. I like the kinky relationship MC has with his sister, but could use more background info and back story. I’ll keep an eye on this one for updates.