Time Travel Saga

This game is about a nerd with ambition to be a doctor, living with his mother’s friend since his parent passed away in a car accident. What will his fate gonna be? It depends all on your choice.​

Censorship: None
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, RPG, Lesbian, Exhibitionism, Rape,Group sex, MILF, Voyeurism

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.


  • Change the game to 3D art style.
  • Change the content pretty much (it now more exciting and more logical)
  • 3 new locations.
  • 3 new characters.
  • Fix some bugs.
Rating: 1.5/5. From 53 votes.
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Robert R Hicks

is this the prequal to that other hotel one, the perverted family or something?

Anonymous Fapper

found 100 game breaking bugs… extreamly badly made

Anonymous Fapper

What do you expect from a developer named Broke as Fuck?

Anonymous Fapper

And now Broke As Fuck has a game that is Dead As Fuck. Entire year since it was updated last. Ashes to Ashes for this one. But it will still be available in 5 years on this site because no one ever takes out the trash.

Anonymous Fapper

the game is bad, a shitty rpg game. And the MC is the most pathetic looking fat fuck with no effort at all. they might as well should of just made him a dark silhouette like the rest of the characters…

Anonymous Fapper

RPG is the worst. The G must stand for garbage!

Anonymous Fapper

Caught a bug in a classroom where Yuna gets to the board it freezes it’s bs!

Anonymous Fapper

Is the MC still a dickless virgin nerd like he was in the original version? Dev says he wants to create the greatest hentai game ever, and he made a peeping sim. All the new screenshots could be MC peeping like usual. I don’t wanna waste time on peeping sim, I’d rather go play a real hentai game.

Anonymous Fapper


Link to the new walkthrough. As you can see, it’s mostly “use binoculars”. So peeping sim it is.