When I Met Katey

In When I Met Katey you are a quiet, 24 year old young man who is more interested in his hobbies than in finding a girlfriend. But on this one evening, when you move into your new apartment, events come thick and fast and your life is no longer the same.

When I Met Katey is a heavily story focused visual novel where the main character falls in love with a young woman with some special kinks attached and develops a sort of open relationship with her.

Developer: GiandalfTheTall – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: VN, spanking, romance, harem, dating

Download the ZIP file and unzip it into a folder.

Rating: 2.5/5. From 33 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Did he spank her face too?

Anonymous Fapper

C’mon guys, tag your games properly!


hey guys i havent played the game yet, is there any lesbian, gay or trans content? If so then please tell me so I can look for another game. sometimes the tags don’t really tell the truth, no?

Anonymous Fapper

Then play it yourself and find out in stead of asking people to do it for you.

Anonymous Fapper

Nobody force you read public forum. You are became crazy if you have problem in read another people comments.

Your basement is the only safe place.

Anonymous Fapper

No content.
I am sure than abandoned in 2024 with zero sex scenes.With zero harem. even if harem tag at start.

Its another DEV trying launch v0.00000001 and get 30 or 50$ for a few months.
Are 2 weeks of zero info patreon after launch of the game. No info about future. Nothing.

Lazy milking 0.00001. In old times worked. In 2018 was enough to get 30-50$ for 6 months.


Woke “representation” garbage. Waiting for lepers to be a tag next. How dare I want to fantasize about flawless women. No. They must have skin diseases or cocks and soon both no doubt. Fuck off.


Also “Harem” and “sort of open relationship” FUCK OFF. FUCK OFF YOU STUPID CUNT!

Anonymous Fapper

“HAREM” where MC fall in love with ONE girl.

Harem you “fall in love with a lot of girls” or want fuck a lot of girls.
Never fall in love with only 1.

Anonymous Fapper

The English is atrocious, and sometimes hard to follow what’s being said. He needs to find a native English speaker to help with editing. Also, the single button clicks are unnecessary and don’t add anything. It there aren’t choices, don’t put in a button. Other than the English, it’s not a bad first game.