A Father's Sins

An ancient Evil returns. A murder. An ages old Church conspiracy crumbles. And magic re-awakens in your city.
Just an average guy, you becomes a Holy Crusader and fight the Darkness with help from an ancient order of warrior nuns.

Developer: Pixieblink – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Corruption, Superpowers, Milf, Voyeurism, Magic, Religion, Hand job, Lesbian, Murder, Fighting. Cum swallowing, Blowjob

Unzip, click .exe to play.

Chapter 18

– Added a PLAY button on the top left of the screen before the animations.  To let you know that an animated sequence follows.

– Removed the hard pauses during the game’s animations.  You can now “click to skip”.

– Reworked Jehanne’s first fight scene so it’s cooler.

– Corrected some of Karina’s dialogue, to make her “sound” more Russian.  And removed her use of contractions.

– Fixed some of the mismatched spell’s audio.

– Removed the text during the magic animations, except for the first time or two you encounter the spell.

– Minor dialogue tweaks throughout the game.  Nothing that changes the story line,  but the dialogue flow is better.

– Corrected the spelling of Misericordae -> Misericordiae, the proper Latin spelling.

– Added an adults only confirmation/disclaimer to the START of the game.

– New background screen for the main menu.

– Removed displaying the ring every time you power up except for the first couple of times you do it.  The power level is still visible, but you no longer have to look at a huge ring on the top left corner every time.

All of the changes are spit & polish, designed to improve the look & feel of the game.  None of them should affect your past game saves.  None of them change the story line.

Chapter 17
– Never lie to a Healer.
– Karina’s new rig.
– Trouble at the Vatican

Chapter 16
– Taking charge.
The MC assumes his leadership role during their very first mission briefing.
– The Gardens of the Nephilm.
Maddy takes our hero to the visit the Grey Lady, but all does not go as planned. She Who Walks in Twilight has her own ideas…
– Doesn’t that hurt?
After returning to the Bunker, the MC heads to the bathrooms and learns exactly how brutal their training has become.
The Hammer of God.
She who walks in twilights tasks you with a quest: retrieve the Hammer of Charles Martel.

*Ch. 16 contains a shower scene with Celine, and an optional bust in on Karina in the bathroom stall scene.

Rating: 3.2/5. From 96 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

why is this even on here? there’s only 2 mabey 3 sexual things in this entire thing.90% of it just : do something nice to power the ring,with a littke bit of “you can see through clothes.” this doesnt seem to belong on a sight like this. i aslo am shocked how people payed on patreon for this when barely anything happens.


Maybe because not everyone a braindead retard like you who only plays these games to jerk off

Anonymous Fapper

google play store?
No… FAP nation…

Anonymous Fapper

I really love fantasy and mistery, and since there are so little porn games with this themes, I have to play what ever shit I find on this and other websites


4 stars for this one, enjoyed the work done in this game ( animations, music, visuel effects) let’s continue dezr DEV.
Sorry if my english is bad, Frenchy Inside

Anonymous Fapper

So 18 chapters and no sex. The story is ok – good, women are ok and that’s about it for the VN. 2 stars

Anonymous Fappy

Mommy, Jill Valentine is the only female in the world who deserves to carry gun with a female hands and shoot. Other whores can carry gun only to shoot in their mouth or head.
Women shouldn’t be violent.
Spread love and care.