A.O.A. Academy

June 2020, the month after your father died.
He was the only motivation for you to stay in the old town. Now.. You didn’t know where else to go or what else to do.
Due to his bad heart, you decided to take care of him full time, causing you to drop out of high-school to focus on the farm.

There’s absolutely nothing else left for you here…
Until one day, you found a letter from the A.O.A academy, claiming that you have been accepted into their academy.
This surprised you, since you’ve never attempted to enroll in any academy. Not only that, this letter also contained the number of your old friend, Ashley.
Determine to face your new future , you headed to the A.O.A Academy.

Developer: TLG Games – PatreonInstagramDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Romance, School Setting, Animated, Oral Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, POV, Harem, Vaginal Sex

1. Extract and run.

Chapter 5

1. Added chapter 5 > Contains 3600+ renders and 47 new animations (More if you played the gold version).

2. Added the phone messages from multiple girls, with 6 different images from each of them.

3. Added 16 new Gallery entries.

4. General bug fixes.

5. File size has been optimized dramatically with almost no loss in image quality.

Rating: 4.4/5. From 1.2K votes.
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Anonymous Fapper



Just one Blowjob Scene?


Well played this game on mobile and I have been having so many errors. I was able to overcome them though like using roll back, there’s mods on Android but you need to constantly rollback to save your cheats. Anyways the game is good I only have a problem with the conversations, as said before their too long. This made me lose interest at times.The back stories of these characters aren’t told properly, like Varely, Jen, or maybe it’s because of the mod so I was increasing my relationship points and I skipped those parts. I like the references regarding being a dik, it shows that the dev is inspired him, which helps improve his work too. The animations in this game are top notch you can even see their goosebumps damn. The models are beautiful/hot/cute. The story is ok-ish it’s taking alot of time to progress through it due to the Mc interactions with his surroundings, which makes me bored at times. Yeah the Mc is a punching bag i thought he would request that Vicky would teach him now.


He can’t handle his alcohol too, another shit I seem to see around most Mc in this games. There’s this thing with Ashley as said you can’t do shit with her like tf, even with Sung Ji I think I kissed her that was it, atleast you get some action with the teacher, jade, aroura, Jen with Becca and Varely having that am not ready dialog. This BTW only occured in chapter 5, mans at this point died of being blue balled, atleast you get some action with Jade early in the game. It’s a 3.7 rating from m

Anonymous Fapper

I’ve played a lot of these games and I’m not quite sure how to comment on this one? I am up to chapter 4 now and although I’ve been trying to stay faithful to Ashley I haven’t had sex yet, really? What the fuck dev, is it supposed to be an adult VN or are you trying to write some kind of magnum opus all branching amazing movie story? I appreciate the effort, honestly I do, but goddamn dev throw me a sex bone here. I’ve got probably at least 20 hours invested in this game if not more and nothing has happened sexually? From the start it seems like the decent thing to do would be to try to get back together with Ashley and make her your “girl”. Cool, OK so why is it that I’ve spent roughly 65 to 75% of the game with Jenny, a chick that I don’t even like? But it seems the dev is constantly trying to throw you together with her? The “heavy” plot that people are raving about is farcical at best but somewhat entertaining, I just wish there was something I could bone here.

Anonymous Fapper

Huh there’s sex scene for Ashley dude you should try using walkthrough

Anonymous Fapper

My Review Of this game.


  • Great Models. You have a huge variety of choice. Each girl is built differently and not all of them are big tit and ass goddesses. You can also opt for more normal girls like

Rebecca and Ashley.

  • Characters have depth. Every main character has a fucked up past and they don’t

automatically want the MCS dick. They act like real human beings except maybe Jade.

  • Great Plot. The plot in this game is very interesting. There’s rarely any moments when the plot is boring. Unlike other games the main character isn’t the solution for

every problem.


  • You have to pick all the right options or the girls route you want could end (Jenny especially). I chose to hang out with Ashley in chapter 1 earlier and when Jenny asks you later her route ends without you having a choice.
  • Sex scene camera angles are a bit too zoomed in. Would prefer a third person view aswell.
  • Main character acts weak during sex scenes. Be more manly ffs