The Home

You play as the imaginary friend of a girl in a home with a mom and a shemale mom. You are not on board about that, and are planning some stuff. It’s a first release not much choice or content yet mostly an introduction so far but does have some sexual content and story.​

Developer: lurarose
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Humor, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Futa, Trans, Female protagonist

1. Extract and run.

-The start of voice for lura has been added at the beginning. I am using a text to speech internet program that limits me to 5000 characters per day so that will be slow going, but possible given enough time. They want $5 a day for unlimited, but fuck that I don’t feel like converting so much in a single day anyways.
-There is a continuation of “yes I am” on the 1.21 Jiggwatts path. Meet someone new kinda.
-Slowed down the splash screen a bit.
-On the end of the self-awareness route I have placed the start of a rudimentary trainer type game that I have put the skeleton of the code in, but not much dialogue nor any images but a work in progress image. I need to make a lot of images for this portion and this will be very time consuming. Arguably it’s own game within a game.
-There may be other minor changes such as typos and so on.

Rating: 1.9/5. From 129 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

I do belive there are many people from USA on these pages(fap-nation).


Worst Game ever

Anonymous Fapper

Oh and one more note. Before we get into a, “against nature argument,” lets not forget about telling your dog to quit humping the cat, or the girl dog humping the boy dog.

Anonymous Fapper

Wtf when have you seen a female dog hump?

Anonymous Fapper

pretty sure last time I checked there are *NO* -0- nada FUTA dogs!

Anonymous Fapper

I heard this is where all the ignorant hillbillies are meeting, so I thght I’d come to stare and point…and laugh.

A fapper who give a damn

I find the idea of being able to care and love whoever you want however you want is a freedom that shouldn’t be infringed upon by someone who doesnt agree with it. If you have a problem with trans people then maybe the issue starts with you. I think its time people mind their own business, instead of worrying about others. Who the hell do you think you are the US government?

Anonymous Fapper

I find the idea of being required to lie to enable someone’s mental illness abhorrent. No matter how you butcher it and dress it up, a man is still a man and a woman is still a woman. No one is being denied the ability to love who they want (except those interested in incestual relationships. You are simply being denied the right to deny the reality of the other person’s gender. Even a kindergartner knows ‘boys have a penis, girls have a vagina’. If you believe otherwise you are delusional.

Anonymous Fapper

And that’s fine. Having the right to choose what’s best for yourself is the only freedom anyone really has. We should honor that freedom. Not condone it because it hinders our own beliefs.

Thank you I’ll be here all night.

Anonymous Fapper

You don’t have to ‘lie’ about anything, just keep your mouth shut, then nobody needs to hear the bullshit coming out of it. There are people in this world who are born with penises and vaginas (intersexed people, formally called hermaphrodites). By your definition those people are both boys and girls, and anyone who believed otherwise would be delusional. But since you already said, men only have penises, and women only have vaginas, you don’t believe it, so you must be delusional….oops!

Anonymous Fapper

Human hermaphrodites are a genetic anomaly, a DSD, and are so rare it is hard to find accurate numbers, but 0.1% to 0.2%. The new term “intersex” being used today wishes to combine all DSD into one catagory, which is clinically incorrect. Either way, these are medical conditions. It also has zero to do with people being transgender which is a gender dysphoria.

Anonymous Fapper

Oh your on thim ice here… Ewerybody knows that odd things can happend on rarely occasion… The moon may fall down to earth. If you do belive the idea of love/loving whoever and however, why do you argue with this guy… (you seem very insecure about your beliefs) And if there are things/belief that are little on the side to normal. people will talk.

Anonymous Fapper

I personally have no issues with gay or trans people. I do however have a very big issue with the outrageous disparity in trans suicide and the healthcare professionals too timid to treat the underlying issues for fear of social outrage.