Angel Bay

A man’s two daughters calls him up to let him know their mother just gave them the boot out the door after the youngest of them just turned 18. As any loving father, he take them in and set’s out to find out what’s going on. As for the girls, who knows what they have planned for dear oh dad. But that’s not all that’s going on in Angel Bay. We’ll see as things start to heat up.

Developer: Tainted Ways – SubscribeStar | Discord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: Relatives, Daughter, Adult, Visual Novel, Nsfw, Adult Games

Rating: 2.7/5. From 49 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

FYI this is pretty much just story (and occult dream stuff), the MC does not have any sex (other than a dream), there is a touched his dick scene while he is sleeping, a lesbian scene he watches, and just some typical peeping stuff. Why make a porn game without porn?

Filthy Casual

“NSFW”. Many thanks, I would not have gessed.

Anonymous Fapper

the girls look like pussy boys. no thanks.

Anonymous Fapper

A mess. OK HS is not the best but this..

Anonymous Fapper

Daughters are “18.”
MC looks like he’s 22.

Anonymous Fapper

I guess you’d like to see some old goat fucking a young girl. Nice to hear..