Avalon is a third person novel that orbits around two main characters; Avalon and Byron. When Avalon has a falling out with her mother, she moves in with her adopted Uncle Byron. As they continue to learn about eachothers deep and disturbing traumas, a romance begins to blossom. They lean on each other, and their friends, as they both continue to heal.

In Avalon, you will be given the option of four paths; Dallas is Avalon’s best friend and an absolute wildcard! She’s tough and flirtatious. Octavia is a mysterious new friend with a cunning intellect and a goofy sense of humor. Both paths have the option to split off into either a Polygamy Route, or a Monogamy Route. The choice is yours!​

Developer: Lockheart – PatreonBuyMeACoffeeDiscord | SubscribeStar
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Multiple protagonists, Sex toys, Spanking, Romance, Fingering, Groping, Exhibitionism, Lesbian, Masturbation, Teasing

Extract and Run


Android version is technically v8.1 but there was no change between v8.1 and v8.2 except how the game was compiled. The PC and Mac version of v8.1 was giving a lot of people issues.

We recommend starting a new game to avoid errors. Apologies!

Rating: 2.9/5. From 780 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

I am enjoying this novel very much, but I will say, the constant pattern of sad homophobic dialogue .. man, just go suck a cock and get it over with. Fucking catholics, man. Might as well have been born in a fucking closet in the first place.

Anonymous Fapper

agreed bro. the dialogue is terrible

Anonymous Fapper

Really enjoying this game so far (inside Act 4 currently) – question though –
If I choose a monogamy path along either side interest [Dallas/Octavia] will the game still allow any fun with either of those women beside Avalon?


A very nice game with a good story and proper character development. Enjoyed it.


Very good visual novel, high on the top list. I guess rating is not better because there is a long wait untill you get sex and feels it could have had a nice harem ending. But the ending is good non the less, also there is an interesting alternate ending with much less drama. Will definetly keep an eye for Lockheart games in the future. Don’t use incest patch, will crash the game, you don’t need it, just unlock game with password: “megalodong” and change characters affiliation on preferences.

Anonymous Fapper

Hallo what is real final version 8.1 or 8.2

Anonymous Fapper

Yes I also see version 8.2