Book of Lust

You play as a guy who accidentally releases a succubus (with a bit of a catch) and gets access to both her and her spell book.​

Developer: KanashiiPanda – SubscribeStarPatreon | Website
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: Possession, Mind control, Incest, Body swap, Infidelity, Resource management, 2dcg, Animated, Furry, Incest, Male protagonist, Paranormal, Transformation, Creampie, Gay, Lesbian, NTR, Oral sex, Pregnancy, Vaginal sex, Corruption

1. Extract to desired location
2. Run the exe file and enjoy


-Fixed Succubus portraits not displaying correctly on occasion in Cassandra and Olivia’s Soul passenger.
-Fixed Caroline not showing up during Julia’s visit on occasion.
-Fixed UI not updating Mana after modifying aspect gestation times.
-Fixed aspect gestation times being one day over the intended amount.
-Fixed gestation pausing/unpausing not costing mana.
-Fixed twin gestation timer able to go above the max gestation period.
-Removed dialogue mentioning Donovan in the Aspect of Dominance hunting scene.
-Added max mana indicator to the Gestation control UI.

Rating: 2.8/5. From 409 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

still boring with not much going on.

mrttao review part 3

You are a furry. you find a book bound demon. it turns you into effectively a demonic copy of yourself possessing yourself. So long as you remain in your original body, it makes no difference… but you can potentially hop bodies to other people and then cuck your unaware original.
The body hopping grinds development to a halt because every fucking NPC needs scene fucking every other NPC. As anyone who understands basic math knows the result of it is exponential.


If you had 1 MC and 10 NPCs. and added an 11th NPC. then that means 1 more pairing (MC + Char 11). But if instead any of the 10 can be the MC, then adding an 11th one changes the number of possible pairings from 2^10 to 2^11. And that is not getting into threesomes, or variants where you have more than one scene.


If you only play as the original male MC. then you can fuck your mother, sister, next door neighbor GF, GF’s mother, sister’s boyfriend (you can make her break up with him), sister’s boyfriend’s roomate and sister. a minor goddess, and some rando women.
You can also have your succubus possess most of these girls (by default she possesses your mother).

The art is pretty decent. But there is not that much content if you are not into some very weird shit like cucking yourself.

Anonymous Fapper

How did you make the sister breake up with her bf?

Anonymous Fapper

Ok so this guy dint like the game and now is talking shit, lest fix this
First YES is a furry game, the demon possess your MOTHER and later you gain the hability to possess someone else instead, when you do this the sex scenes change, you can also make you demon fuck someone else AND you can gain the hability to you yourself possess somne else, is like mind control or remote control, when you do that your bodys stays in auto pilot, thats why you can “cuck yourself” continuous………..

Anonymous Fapper

Part 2: “cuck yourself” is the stupidiest thing i have ever read, this tell me mrttao is a cuck irl and just cant stand any form of sharing or he is a cuck and this is his fetish, everything else is pretty accurate, and it is true THIS GAME WILL NEVER BE FINISH because all sex scenes are animated (or will be) and they change depending of if the characeter is possess and by who, the game also i suppoused to have story but with all the literal fucking going on it will never progress

Anonymous Fapper

Part 3: Still this game is really cool and even if it only reachess 30% completion is still woth suppoting


Furry fags (literally).

Anonymous Fapper

can anyone help me im stuck as the rabbit and cant turn back

Anonymous Fapper

Furry, Gay, NTR and unity… damn, could it be worse?

Anonymous Fapper

Yes it could be. It could be Honey Select shit

Anonymous Fapper

yea your opinion could matter

Anonymous Fapper

Shut up furry dev.  :wpds_lol: 

Anonymous Fapper

all is optional all is animated (or will be) and it has tons of sex, even in its actual form it has more content that 80% of the games here, sadly this IS one of the best games in the site