Book of Lust

You play as a guy who accidentally releases a succubus (with a bit of a catch) and gets access to both her and her spell book.​

Developer: KanashiiPanda – SubscribeStarPatreon | Website
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: Possession, Mind control, Incest, Body swap, Infidelity, Resource management, 2dcg, Animated, Furry, Incest, Male protagonist, Paranormal, Transformation, Creampie, Gay, Lesbian, NTR, Oral sex, Pregnancy, Vaginal sex, Corruption

1. Extract to desired location
2. Run the exe file and enjoy


-Fixed softlock when casting Fuck Other.
-Fixed Caroline’s portrait not displaying during her dorm intro.
-Fixed ordering Delved Cassandra to not answer the door not costing any inf.
-Fixed incorrect placeholder text being played when having Compulsion sex with Julia as Caroline.
-Fixed various incorrect text boxes.
-Fixed Various Typos.


-Fixed incorrect portraits being used during Caroline’s dorm room introduction.
-Fixed incorrect text boxes being used during Caroline’s dorm room introduction.
-Fixed incorrect text box when getting Caroline pregnant for the first time.
-Fixed incorrect text box when having sex with Olivia.
-Fixed incorrect text box when Caroline watches you having sex with Julia before the first bodyswap in her quest.
-Updated Delved Julia’s pregnant sprite.
-Fixed Mel’s meeting with bodyswapped caroline not being available in the Price’s Den.
-Fixed being able to talk to the succubus about Caroline’s bodyswap without Caroline present.
-Fixed casting Aspect of Dominance not updating Mana in the spell menu.
-Fixed time not advancing to Late Night when first bodyswapping with Caroline.
-Fixed not being able to have sex with Caroline after having sex with a visiting Julia near the end of her quest after her second bodyswap.


-Fixed dialog box using chapter title text during Caroline’s introduction.
-Fixed Various typos.


-Added bad end when succubus leaves when playing as Mia.
-Added Discussion that can lead to Valerie hypnotizing Jake while playing as Jake in Valerie’s room.
-The first hypnosis session will increase your max mana by 5;
-Added sex scene that can result from talking about erotic hypnosis with Valerie while playing as Jake.
-Waiting in Valerie’s room while her lust is above 70 after talking about erotic hypnosis will trigger a small erotic scene.
-Fixed Cassandra naturally masturbating in her soul passenger when Mel is having sex with Olivia being the same as ‘make her masturbate’.
-Fixed Mel’s advice being able to be triggered when Mel isn’t in his room.
-Fixed stripping for Mel dialogue being played at school instead of in his room while playing as Cassandra.
-Fixed Cassandra and Jake’s discussion about their father not showing a background.
-Fixed Olivia’s soul passenger ‘sex with Jake’ scenario initial line reading as masturbation. Correct scene wasn’t playing.
-Made some small changes that effect how the colored text boxes are handled.
-Fixed placeholder scenes not giving correct compulsion stat gains/losses when having sex with Olivia.
-Fixed some of the placeholder ‘Fuck Other’ scenarios text stating it subtracts lust from incorrect target.
-Fixed Cassandra’s dream stat changes not saving when moving to Akasha’s realm.
-Fixed Mel’s lust not being decreased in Cassandra’s soul passenger when having sex with him at school.
-Fixed Possessed Julia’s nap with Jake during her visit not having a possessed variant.
-Fixed various typos.
-Removed respec button since you can get all the skills and it doesn’t really add much to the game and can probably cause some issues when respecc’ing at the wrong time.


-Fixed not being able to have one piece suit sex after the quest.
-Fixed Caroline roaming around during the second bodyswap during her quest.
-Fixed talking with possessed Olivia increases non-possessed Olivia’s Influence.
-Fixed softlock when attempting to seduce bodyswapped caroline in the one-piece suit when not in Julia’s room.
-Fixed Night theme playing during Caroline’s Finale.


-Fixed being able to bodyswap into original body with Caroline through spell menu.


-Fixed Caroline being targettable by spells while bodyswapped.
-Fixed Caroline’s voyeurism scene during sex with possessed Julia triggering while playing as Caroline.


-Fixed sketch pictures displaying instead of the complete version of Julia’s late night masturbation soul passenger scenario.
-Fixed aspects not resetting properly when exiting to main menu.
-Fixed seducing Bodyswapped Caroline in the one-piece suit saying it costs 40 stamina instead of 20.
-Fixed seducing Bodyswapped Caroline in the one-piece suit while pregnant.
-Fixed some graphical and location issues when possessed Julia visits while playing as Caroline.
-Fixed Olivia’s Dominate Mind scene displaying old intro while playing as Jake.
-Fixed some text in the UI and stat menu being cut off.
-Fixed recasting Dominate Mind resetting Possessed Cassandra’s “Don’t answer the door” command.


-Fixed Succubus stats being able to fall below minimum while telling Cass to stop answering the door.
-Fixed Olivia responding when rejected by Mia for sex while playing as Valerie.
-Fixed character sprites not unloading while casting possession.
-Fixed black background when loading into room while characters having sex is present.
-Fixed sketch pictures displaying instead of the complete version of Julia’s late night masturbation soul passenger scenario.
-Fixed Caroline’s theme playing even after she permanently leaves.
-Fixed soul link triggering vwhen exiting Olivia’s soul passenger.
-Fixed missing post sex picture when having sex with Cassandra as Jake.
-Fixed various typos.


-Fixed softlock when failing to seduce Olivia.
-Fixed softlock when having Cassandra masturbate at night during her soul passenger.
-Fixed Jake appearing instead of Mel in Mel’s sex scene playing as Jake.


-Fixed softlock during Cassandra’s Soul Passanger Night Masturbation scene.
-Fixed incorrect Caroline appearing during Mel’s Advice cutscene.
-Fixed small talk with succubus not working correctly.
-Fixed interacting with the aspects not working when playing as Jake without aspect mastery.
-Fixed Julia’s visit and having sex with Caroline resetting her leave timer during Chapter 1’s questline.
-Fixed the Jake and Olivia pictures not loading during Olivia’s soul passenger.


-Fixed softlock at the end of Cassandra’s Soul Passenger.
-Fixed Soul Passenger not setting player location correctly.
-Fixed Succubus theme only playing during Olivia’s Soul Passenger.
-Fixed “Narrator” showing up as a name.


-Fixed Jake and Caroline having swapped schedules.
-Fixed Caroline responding as Jake when swapped.
-Fixed White screen when walking away from Caroline while bodyswapped.


-Fixed softlock when having sex with Mia as Jake at any other time than “Late Night”.
-Added line about giving Mia her panties back as Jake after she dresses as Julia.
-Fixed scheduling bug that makes Mel and Julia visit the entire day if they were visiting in an old save file.
-Fixed not moving to Jake’s room after having sex with Mia.
-Fixed Caroline’s sad theme not playing during her finale.
-Fixed softlock in Olivia’s soul passenger when loading jake/caroline’s sprite.
-Fixed softlock in Cassandra’s soul passenger when loading jake/caroline’s sprite.
-Fixed softlock in Julia’s soul passenger when loading jake/caroline’s sprite.
-Fixed Caroline and Jake having swapped schedules when bodyswapped from an old save.


-Added nude sprites for Possessed/Delved Julia
-Added variant scene with Mia Cosplaying as Julia while playing as Jake when having sex with her at Late Night after making her call you daddy.
-Mia’s Minimum Inf and Love will rise by 5 the first time Jake has sex with her while she’s dressed as Julia.
-Reworked some of the NPC scheduling system.
-Fixed a few portrait visual issues.
-Jake(when playing as anyone else) can now have sex with Olivia on his own when Mel is visiting Cassandra.
-When bodyswapped with Caroline; “Jake” can be convinced to have sex with Olivia when Mel’s having sex with Cassandra. This action can’t be undone.
-Reduced stamina cost of having sex with Caroline to 20.
-Increased stat requirements for having sex with Olivia and Jake while playing as Mel to 70/70/70/ inf/love/lust.
-Fixed delved Cassandra not gaining/losing stats when commanding her to open/not open the door for Mel’s visits.
-Fixed gestation pause carrying over to a new game.
-Fixed stat check not working properly when having sex with Mia as Valerie.
-Fixed Soul Link working on Olivia while using Soul passenger on her.
-Fixed Olivia’s sprite with missing shadow on her a bit of her leg.
-Fixed no stamina check when having sex with Caroline as Julia.
-Fixed ‘Fuck Other’ requiring 20 mana to cast instead of 10.
-Fixed several pregnant variations not appearing during Julia’s Soul Passenger.
-Fixed incorrect bgm playing during certain scenes.
-Fixed various typos.
-Fixed some of Julia’s color outside of her linework in her sprite.
-Fixed G’nisi listing the incorrect number of times to help her before advancing her quest.
-Fixed various portrait errors.
-Fixed Cassandra not being pregnant when having sex with Possessed Olivia as Cassandra.
-Fixed some pregnancy visual bugs.


-Fixed bug that causes bus menu to be invisible when the game is run at different aspect ratios.


-Fixed softlock when loading an old save from the main menu. (Loading from the In-Game Options menu was fine.)
-Fixed softlock when trying to have sex with anyone other than Jake/Julia while playing as Caroline.

Rating: 2.8/5. From 429 votes.
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tr u th

High rates of intestinal parasitism are found in MSM [men who have sex with men] throughout the world.
Amoebiasis has become endemic in MSM in Japan and causes significant morbidity and mortality; complications such as colitis and liver abscesses occur more frequently in homosexual and bisexual men than in heterosexual men. Similar findings on amoebiasis are reported from Taiwan, with MSM at increased risk for invasive amoebiasis and intestinal colonisation with E. histolytica.

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

I followed this artist back when they actually did a lot of commissions an other art in the furry community. Then they went AWOL for a long time an then came back working on this game….I had been super excited to see them back but now it’s just evident they are milking people for money with this.

Anonymous Fapper

still boring with not much going on.

mrttao review part 3

You are a furry. you find a book bound demon. it turns you into effectively a demonic copy of yourself possessing yourself. So long as you remain in your original body, it makes no difference… but you can potentially hop bodies to other people and then cuck your unaware original.
The body hopping grinds development to a halt because every fucking NPC needs scene fucking every other NPC. As anyone who understands basic math knows the result of it is exponential.


If you had 1 MC and 10 NPCs. and added an 11th NPC. then that means 1 more pairing (MC + Char 11). But if instead any of the 10 can be the MC, then adding an 11th one changes the number of possible pairings from 2^10 to 2^11. And that is not getting into threesomes, or variants where you have more than one scene.

Anonymous Fapper

2^11 is 2048. I think you mean something else here. If there are 10 characters and any two can have a sex scene, then you’re looking at 10×9 = 90 pairings. Adding an 11th character means 11×10 = 110. So that’s an extra 20 scenes, not double the scenes.


Almost, but not quite. For all scenes featuring 2 people, you need to divide your number by 2. If there are 10 NPCs there are 45 unique two-person combinations. Adding another would give 55 unique combinations. The formula is [(n-1)/2]*n


If you only play as the original male MC. then you can fuck your mother, sister, next door neighbor GF, GF’s mother, sister’s boyfriend (you can make her break up with him), sister’s boyfriend’s roomate and sister. a minor goddess, and some rando women.
You can also have your succubus possess most of these girls (by default she possesses your mother).

The art is pretty decent. But there is not that much content if you are not into some very weird shit like cucking yourself.

Anonymous Fapper

How did you make the sister breake up with her bf?


IIRC I used the mind control to order her to not answer the door when he comes over anymore.

Anonymous Fapper

Ok so this guy dint like the game and now is talking shit, lest fix this
First YES is a furry game, the demon possess your MOTHER and later you gain the hability to possess someone else instead, when you do this the sex scenes change, you can also make you demon fuck someone else AND you can gain the hability to you yourself possess somne else, is like mind control or remote control, when you do that your bodys stays in auto pilot, thats why you can “cuck yourself” continuous………..

Anonymous Fapper

Part 2: “cuck yourself” is the stupidiest thing i have ever read, this tell me mrttao is a cuck irl and just cant stand any form of sharing or he is a cuck and this is his fetish, everything else is pretty accurate, and it is true THIS GAME WILL NEVER BE FINISH because all sex scenes are animated (or will be) and they change depending of if the characeter is possess and by who, the game also i suppoused to have story but with all the literal fucking going on it will never progress

Anonymous Fapper

Part 3: Still this game is really cool and even if it only reachess 30% completion is still woth suppoting

Anonymous Fapper
  1. fuck off subhuman
  2. its cucking yourself because you can body hop to another men, leaving a duplicate of yourself. then any of the girls you fuck are being stolen from the copy of yourself you left behind.
Anonymous Fapper

only a true retard would think that

Anonymous Fapper

only a subhuman cuck like you would lie and claim it isn’t cucking yourself.
why do cucks work so hard to deny their own fetish?

>ackshually, it is not NTR because XYZ
every fucking time. can’t they just admit they are cucks?

Anonymous Fapper

oh my god you like begin cuck so much that you come up with this shit so you can “cuck yourself” i get now


> the demon possess your MOTHER and later you gain the hability to possess someone else instead
facepalm. this is not a correction you idiot. It is BOTH
The succubus in the book possesses your mother. She can body hop to other people
you the MC can ALSO body hop to other people

When you body hop, your original body is still around… and is actually just who you were before you got the book.

Anonymous Fapper

Thanks Jesus, don’t let those cucks in denial fool us!!