Carnal Coup

Carnal Coup is a Text-based game in a sci-fi setting! You take the role of a shapeshifting alien who has infiltrated an invasion force led by those uptight Terrans. Alien by alien, department by department, it’s up to you to stop the invasion! …Sexily!

You’ll encounter eight featured main alien races, each with their own interests, kinks, and unique individuals to discover. Furthermore, the gender of the majority of the game’s characters is selectable as a starting game option, allowing you to play the game the way you want!​

Developer: DaScoot – Patreon | Blog | Discord |
Censorship: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, BDSM, Male domination, Female protagonist, Furry, Futa, Gay, Group sex, Lesbian, Male protagonist, MILF, Sci-Fi, Text based, Transformation, Oral Sex, Vaginal sex

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Carnal Coup.exe” to start playing.

v0.52.0-v0.52.1 Combined Change Log

Game Functions:

  • Monthly Cheat Code Updated.
  • A loading panel will appear when launching a mission, to avoid issues with multiple clicks and for general communication.
  • Added a new ‘Restart Game’ option to the main quit menu, and various functionality to support restarting the game. If in a mission, you will need to exit the mission first to restart the game.
  • Functionality to support Department epilogue scenes.
  • Department Epilogues will now only be available if you’ve unlocked the 5th Department scene in normal play. You may return to the Departments from Epilogue Mode to unlock these scenes.
  • Added a ‘View Image’ button for endgame CGs during scenes.

Mission Content:

  • Placeholder text on the mission selection screen has been updated.

Scene Content:

  • Secret Police Director Epilogue scenes added (4 variants).
  • Science Director Epilogue scenes added (4 variants).
  • Propaganda Director Epilogue scenes added (4 variants).
  • Pilots Director Epilogue scenes added (4 variants).
  • Workers Director Epilogue scenes added (4 variants).
  • Minor text changes to the character creation phase to clarify various choices.
  • Updated Commando Department scenes 4 and 5 to properly use gender context switches.
  • Commandos Department Epilogue scene added (2 variants).
  • Sorority Epilogue scenes added (Liberator ending scene, Infiltrator ending scene, Intimate scene).
  • Roboticist Department Epilogue scene added (2 variants).
  • Cloner Department Epilogue scene added (2 variants).
  • Secret Police Department Epilogue scene added (2 variants).
  • Science Department Epilogue scene added (2 variants).
  • Propaganda Department Epilogue scene added (2 variants).

Art Content:

  • ‘Firefighter’ random citizen encounter CGs added to scene and gallery (6 variants).
  • Infiltration Endgame CG added to scene and Gallery.

Codex Entries:

  • None

Bug Fixes:

  • Some typo and gender switch tag fixes.
  • Fixed an issue where background music would start playing early if you visited the Options screen during the introduction.
  • Fixed an issue where Vessian and Schen citizen seductions were not giving full ‘gender points’ towards impersonation skill. This fix should be retroactive for old saves.
  • The previous fix for the number of recruits required for the first office upgrade was only partial, the upgrade should now be fully functional again.

Known Issues:

  • TTS dialogue cannot be interrupted once begun. May have issues if triggered on multiple screens at once. TTS support is 64-bit Windows only.
  • WebGL Issues: Be warned that save game data in WebGL mode is less permanent than PC standalone. May also be more prone to memory and other issues.
Rating: 1.9/5. From 112 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Furry shit. Fuck this cuck dev

Anonymous Fapper

apoligizes for the off topic but, there was a game involving the evil queen from snow white that i cant remember for the life of me what’s its name?


its fairy tale adventure

Anonymous Fapper

ok i know i’m going of topic, but there was a game that involvs the evil queen from snow white Grimhilde, i cant remember it for the life of me. its driving me crazy .


fairy tale adventure


Do anyone have cheats or something like this to make game easier

Anonymous Fapper

“hurr durr furry” how about you actually play the fucking game and see how wrong you are you imbeciles?