Cobra Venom

The game tells of a spy whose friend died on a mission. They were tracking down Cobra, the mysterious leader of a terrorist group. The friend has a wife and daughter, and the relationship with them will develop. How to end the story to you to decide. The main character will meet with many characters, will solve other people’s problems. Who is a Cobra and how to catch him? That’s the main question for the protagonist.​

Developer: SaVa_Game – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English, Russian
Genre: 3DCG , Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Male Protagonist

1. Extract and run.


  • 216 images.
  • 1650 lines of code.
  • 2 sex scenes with Megan.
  • Nicole’s new character.
Rating: 3.4/5. From 102 votes.
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Well, this guy should take some help concerning the english translation of the game, but other than that it was rather enjoyable. Not right on top, but i honestly felt entertained.


Which of the one I have to download for Android compressed ver.

Anonymous Fapper

“We’ve had sex like we’ve been having sex”.

If that doesn’t make me want to try it, nothing will.

Anonymous Fapper

well not all people have english as there first language, ooh sorry I forgot in america u speak american

Anonymous Fapper

Firstly, if you are not confident enough in your English knowledge, you shouldn’t make a game heavily reliant on text. Secondly, If you make anything for the public, you should be ready for any kind of feedback, especially negative criticism. Thirdly, there are many programs now that can check your grammar and give you help with perfecting it.

Anonymous Fapper

Utterly useless comment.

Anonymous Fapper

The story is very cliche but it can still be good as long and it doesnt use the same old troupes. There are a few typos and mistranslations but that’s predictable in such an early release. The characters look good. I’m going to assume the terrible dialogue is because of a terrible translator. They talk to each other like robots.

Anonymous Fapper

Very short update. WTF?! As a matter of fact couldn’t say it was MUCH OF AN UPDATE. Ended the same way last time. DID YOU EVEN DO ANYTHING DEVELOPER? PROBABLY NOT!