Corrupted World

This story will tell you about a guy who until recently lived a quiet life, but after one meeting, everything changed. How his fate will turn out depends only on you.

Developer: Keny – Patreon | Discord |
Censored: Yes
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Sanbox , 3DCG, Male protagonist , Corruption , Mind control , Slave , Harem, Big ass, Big tits, Male domination, Oral sex , Sandbox, Voyeurism, Vaginal sex, Incest

Extract and run.


Sarah and Julia’s introductory event at school has been added.

You can now study after school with Lisa.

-Along with 3 new scenes with Lisa.

Expanded storyline with Riley and added new routines (maybe you should visit her at night 😉 )

You may be able to catch Littley in the shower at eight in the morning 😉

-Shower scene will vary depending on your choices throughout the game.

The Halloween event is available on the computer in the director’s office at the club.

A new teaser scene with Bonnie and Adison on the computer in the director’s office at the club (Patreon required).

You can see the password here

A lot of bugs fixed.

Reworked the code for Android.

-The button to open the map got a little bigger.

-Entering passwords became much easier.

Rating: 3.5/5. From 155 votes.
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You mean this rotten pile of garbage actually received an update?
And after all that time and an update, game is still rotten garbage.
So nevermind.

Anonymous Fapper

I find it funny you care so much about this game that you commented if you don’t like something like this forget about it no one would care but you came back to wine would you like some cheese with that

Anonymous Fapper

I reply like someone else did. Dude you complaining about a free game on a site like this.
Just don’t download the game next time. LOL

Anonymous Fapper

I re-downloaded it only for the cheats implemented – and they are available ONLY for parteon! Screw you dev!!!

Hypocryte :-D

i think this game is nice just too much buggy to play, not sure if dev is more just screw same game mechs

Anonymous Fapper

So much grind, so little content

Anonymous Fapper

game is written by a Moron who thinks people cant learn at school. You lose intellect after you study simply because the dev wants you to work later for intellect (study) after you do the main story line (but get this, the main story line isnt listed anywhere so you have to guess at it). Games written by people who dont know how to spell “Logic” let alone apply it in any meaningful way in their lives make games extremely frustrating to play. This is a terribly idea mainly on account that the

Anonymous Fapper

the MC is a student and is expected to go to school………..Just not smart. Please fix this………

Anonymous Fapper

Dev is retarded. Not only do have your intelligence reduced to 20 after you sleep every night, but you are not even allowed to continue the TOP SECRET main story line. Dont waste your time with this rubbish.

Anonymous Fapper

also at school there are tests you take in class and the results are supposedly posted in the hall way…………….NOT. Either the tests are meaningless, or its one more stupid DEV idea.

Anonymous Fapper

Posted to the bulletin board at school entrance

Anonymous Fapper

Playing porn games for the sake of boosting intelligence, maybe you should boost it in real life? lol