Couple's Quest: O'Maniac's Odyssey

A blend of interactive storytelling and real-life challenge, “COUPLE’S QUEST: O’MANIAC’S ODYSSEY” is a game for couples, made by a couple. Be her champions, become heroes!

Sit back and forth in bed together, start the game and get ready for a new kind of sexual experience. As you discover the story of the nymph O’Maniac, you will have to complete sexual challenges with your partner. The goal of the game is to introduce you to new things to try in bed while having fun! Let yourself be guided and share good moments of complicity and pleasure.

Spice up your sex life, improve your communication, boost your libido and discover new practices, it’s ideal to break the routine and rediscover moments of complicity that are entertaining, funny and orgasmic!

Chapter 1 is out now, the following chapters are in development. Available on Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.

COUPLE’S QUEST: O’MANIAC’S ODYSSEY” will plunge you into the heart of Olympus, in the role of the champions of the Nymph of Love O’Maniac! She’s been offered the chance to join the Goddesses of Olympus as the Goddess of Happy Couples on one condition: triumph over the other contenders in the Grand Tournament of the Gods!

To do so, she’ll have to guide her champions through sex duels and impress the judges.

Each duel will have a different theme, and the champions will have to do everything in their power to honor O’Maniac’s trust. If they win this tournament, O’Maniac will become the Goddess of Happy Couples and the champions will earn the title of Heroes of Olympus.

You don’t want to disappoint her and miss such an opportunity!

Live a story for two!
“Couple’s Quest: O’Maniac’s Odyssey” lets you experience a story together. Similar to a visual novel in its narrative, you can chat with the characters, make decisions, explore the universe, learn more about O’Maniac and his past, and spend a fun time together while getting attached to the characters: Gods, Goddesses, Champions, Heroes…

Make your own choices!
You are here as the champion of O’Maniac! Your task is to help her triumph in this great tournament! In addition to dialog choices that allow you to learn more about our Nymph and her story, you can also work with her to decide the nature and theme of your challenge! Choose what excites you most and let your Nymph guide you to victory!

Softly, gently…
Warming up is important… So that you don’t plunge into the big duels unprepared, you’ll have to do little preliminaries throughout the story to get you both into the swing of things and take the time to enjoy your adventure… But be warned, it’s not all cute little kisses… There’ll be wandering hands, hot kisses and much more…

Hot challenges!
Yes, this game is first and foremost a sex game for couples, allowing you to break your routine and spice up your lovemaking! When your duel begins, there’s no time for chitchat: O’Maniac will guide you through increasingly torrid exercises! Prepare for a festival of pleasure and orgasms! We’re serious, naughty and most of all, kinky!

Divine characters!
Although you’ll spend the game in the company of the nymph O’Maniac, you’ll meet a host of colorful characters! Gods, goddesses, heroes, champions… We won’t give away any spoilers here, but you’re sure to meet some adorable, funny, mischievous and sometimes cheeky characters… And if you’re into Greek mythology…

We created a Discord Server for everyone. This is your chance to connect with other couples, share your experiences, get advice, help others, and stay up to date with our latest free challenges, good deals, and more. All this and more is available to you for free! Check our Patreon for unlock the full experience!

Developer: Kinky Pandas Games – PatreonWebsiteTwitterInstagramDiscord |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, French
Genre: Couple, Challenge, Female Protagonist, Fuck, Masturbation, Oral sex

Simply decompress the archive and launch the game !

Simply download the APK and install it directly from your phone.


Over 250 different character renderings!
935 blocks of dialog!
Dozens and dozens dialog choices to immerse yourself in the story!
Trophies to unlock, for those who like to collect!
Musics by Alexander Nakarada to transport you to Olympus!
Complete English and French versions.
And, of course, increasingly hot challenges for couples, followed by the grand duel!

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