Crummy Classroom

Crummy Classroom is an RPG featuring an intense and arousing turn-based combat system combined,
with dating sim elements.
Hailey and her friends go on an adventure to eradicate the corruption set in their school!
Be prepared to face lewd combat challenges and immerse yourself into Crummy Classroom’s world.​

Developer: PurpleSauce – Patreon | Twitter | | Blog
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, 2D Game, Futa, Oral Sex, Big Tits, Big Ass, Dating Sim, Romance, Rpg, School Setting, Bukkake, Teasing, Turn Based Combat, Groping, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex

1- Extract to the desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

– Hotfix for some bugs
– Fixed the bug only showing the blowjob sex scene

– Revamped all dialogues, such as expanding dialogue lines and fixing most typos
– Fixed all bugs reported by the community
– Added new art for Hailey and Lily’s first scene together

Rating: 3.3/5. From 41 votes.
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Futa enjoyer

I hope there’s no male male sex, that’s gay, buuuuut futa on male, ambatakummmmmm


I haven’t been here in months but I thought I’d check it out, personally, I don’t consider the characters trans or even any cuckoldry happening if you pay attention lol, but whatever, you could just… not play the game if you don’t like futanari? and not bother us that do 🙂
plenty of other games you can try lol
p.s. my next game won’t be futanari focused so you can lower your pitchforks guys, it’s okay, the chicks with dicks won’t bother you anymore  :wpds_lol:  but unfortunately, I plan to add a range of kinks so apologies in advance if futa slips in somehow

t r u t h

Like you homos leave others alone. Always gg and pushing your crap everywhere you can. Changing straight characters to gay. Pyushing foe globalhomo 24/7.

f a l s e

You’re big mad that you came while looking at a dick and now you feel funny inside, shut up and go suck a girlcock you loser

Anonymous Fapper

Cry harder Nazi bitch.

Futa enjoyer

Fuck what they say, more futa!!!! They’re si hot

Anonymous Fapper

All these gay men games is making it easier to avoid downloading so much, thank you.

Anonymous Fapper

so longs like you’ve got a personal problem buddy…

Anonymous Fapper

I hope all games in the future are gay just to irritate you specifically.

Anonymous Fapper

Bad enough that you are a trannie in this game.
But they also force you to be a cuck.

Anonymous Fapper

If you don’t like it, why even download a game with the “Trans protagonist” tag, genious ?

Anonymous Fapper

have you tried not being a subhuman?

Anonymous Fapper

They like Trans games they are already subhuman..

Anonymous Fapper

the only subhumans are the kink shamers, you could easily avoid the game yet here you are, bothering people that do enjoy the game, shame you can’t find anything better to do…

Anonymous Fapper

> the only subhumans are the kink shamers
anon. no woman will ever let you touch her if you are this much of a cuck

Anonymous Fapper

Cried the lonely unloved Nazi on the internet in the comment section of a futa porn game he totally didn’t download and jack off to numerous times already.

Project harder, Adolf.

Anonymous Fapper

Subhuman? The only Nazi here is you, chud.

Anonymous Fapper

> The subhuman thinks that chud is an insult