Champions of Liberty Institute of Training

Champions of Liberty Institute of Training is a lesbian dating and school sim with RPG mini-games. Play as Emma, power mimic, as she enters the superhero training academy as a first-year student. Emma, taking on the code name Copycat, will have to balance her studies, social life, and her heroic extracurricular activities!​

Developer: yaho_tzp –
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Female protagonist, Lesbian, Dating sim, Superpowers, Harem, School setting, Stripping, Teasing, PoV, Masturbation, Oral sex

1. Extract and run.


– Stalker’s 2nd Hero Mission (biggest Hero Mission to date)

– Meg Event

– Nighttime Event: Betty (this is a big one that people have been waiting for)

– Tech Wizard Event

There are 3 new galleries to unlock.

Rating: 3.0/5. From 88 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Is there an option to put it on other hosting sites than mega?

Anonymous Fapper

Sorry nvm.

Anonymous Fapper

Shouldve just let us free roam after the storyline so we can unlock more content than just restrain to 1 week

Anonymous Fapper


  • Nice models and renders
  • Humour
  • No grindfest
  • No giantnonrealisticphysicallyimpossible Dicks
  • Non-stupid story development (which is a relief, really)


  • Too much squirting
  • It is stupid to propose dialogue options that you CAN’T choose because you CAN’T have the required skill level, because you need to train those skills, which you cannot do yet, at the moment the dialogue option is proposed.
  • major mishap with missions : game stuck after full completion, with no option to skip
Donald Trump

Bad renders like 2018

Anonymous Fapper

Is it possible to get powers other than the x-ray vision so far?


C’mon, this is very sexy but a real good cock is a must. Other wise this is just a boring teasing game. …

Anonymous Fapper

Disagree. Lesbians are hot. Double win.


How it can be double win ? I said it, very sexy but much like teasing.

Anonymous Fapper

gotta love seeing comments from sexually insecure closeted gay guys commenting on the lack of cocks in games…It means we are moving forward as a society, being inclusive and shit.

Anonymous Fapper

For me just lesbian is boring, i’m not saying that lesbian is bad, and i can enjoy it, but only lesbian at the end is a bit boring, so, i understand this guy, and that doesn’t make me gay just for preffer a more vanilla kind of porn, and before you said it, i’m not saying that the game should change, that’s the reason i’m not playing it, i’m just saying that this guy have a point and that doesn’t make him gay

Anonymous Fapper

Love Lesbian games and the only cock I need to see is in my hand.

Anonymous Fapper

Just explain to me your astounding logic for a lesbian game with cocks?