Cure My Addiction

One day my parents found out that I was spending a little too much time watching porn. They considered this a serious problem and decided to do something about it. Let’s not mince words, it was an addiction in their minds.

Finally, they came to the conclusion that I needed a change of scenery and made me leave the house! I was sent alone on Uncle’s yacht without a phone, TV or even a computer. This was their plan to “Cure My Addiction”.

I wasn’t sure what to make of the situation at first. But soon I discovered that only women were on board, and Uncle was nowhere to be seen.​

Developer/Publisher: TheGary – Patreon
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Humiliation, Male domination, Spanking, BDSM, Voyeurism, Lesbian, Anal sex, Female domination, Group sex, Incest, MILF, Big Tits, Titfuck, Sex toys, Interracial, Sandbox

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “CureMyAddiction.exe” to start playing.

Each chapter is standalone. You’ll need to download all three to get all the content.

Chapter 4 Episode 1C

  • Chapter 4 doesn’t require your old save. Just start a new game.
  • One new location has been added. [Poll Result]
  • Added missing portrait of the representatives and the reception clerk .
  • Updated GUI
  • Updated Tracker GUI and added functionalities (track all, untrack all)
  • Lots of new idles of Emily and Chloe living in the penthouse.
  • New punishment reason for Chloe and Emily to reflect the current situation.
  • New babysitting starting condition, it’s not possible if Chloe and Emily are at home.
  • 1 punishment event for Chloe, it has one main scene and 2 additional small scenes.
  • 1 more event for Chloe, it has 2 different scenes.
  • 1 event for Emily with 2 main scenes.
  • 1 event with Chloe, Amy and Charlotte. It’s a multi steps event with a lot of small scenes to find.
  • 1 event with Sophie. 1 main scene with 2 possible extras. Also has a small femdom scene (optional).
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Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

can you still go back in the yacht in chapter 4?


I am on CH2, trying to get the star for Rachel – In Need Of Attention #1, I keep denying her any release, I catch her at midnight, bring her to susan so I can “punish” her, all it ever does is let me tell her what to do, what to touch… HOW do I get past that part?????

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

How to convince Rachel about Amy at ep2? I can’t get it…pls…

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

How do u transfer saved files?

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

First of all if ur using android or of that’s the point.Cuz if u use android just go to internal storage-android-data-cure my addiction-save files.Amd I have a request if if are glad enough to know.Pls give us the link of your save file

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

how can i do it on pc ? pls help

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Anyone got any clue when the android version comes out?