Demon Gods

Demon Gods is about a woman (or man, or …something else) who is isekai’d to another world and forced to learn to live as a Succubus and cope with her new instincts and desires. It is a smut game but has a focus on story and lore. I hope you enjoy it!

“Demon Gods” is a narrative-driven experience, with both humor and tragedy. The art is created with photoshop with borrowed AI assets.  Most of the art is merged and photoshopped by hand which is why you’ll often see poses that stand out from other AI work.


Developer: Panonon – PatreonWebsiteDiscordSubscribestar | Itch |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Text Based, Female Protagonist, Mind Control, Turn-Based Combat, Tentacles, Gender Bender, Transformation, Fantasy, Monster Girl, Sex, Exhibitionism, Creampie, Rape, Violence, lesbian, tentacles, futa, Mobile game

Extract the game (the rar package)
Open the html file in your browser of choice


New Content:

  • Earth is complete, next update will continue the main story
  • Added some fun scenes to Earths bar
  • 6 new lewd scenes in the bar! includes Yuri, solo and group sex.
  • You can now train Rhelyla in TF magic, multiple lewd scenes with her added!
  • Two early endings have been added with some variations depending on who’s with you and your corruption level
  • You can now get hungry while on Earth
  • Bestiary added to the notebook! You can now find what drops you’re still missing from which monsters. Monster lore will be added soon.
  • You can now teach transform magic to Rhelyla, this adds a few new scenes with Rhelyla. Special thanks to patron Eins for writing these scenes!
  • Final scene after taking Rhelyla to the concert added.
  • 4 lewd images added: 2 to Derek’s lewd scenes at the beginning of chapter 3, a spitroast scene at the bar, a bathroom stall


  • Somehow jared’s headshot image got capitalized, causing the image to no longer show.
  • Somehow managed to comment out a variable setting up Elyria’s relationship with the player. Though this was previously working, I broke it in one of the past updates.
  • Added a missing speech bubble for the streaming scene with Rhelyla
  • Typos
  • Removed quest marker for Alraune quest if you ally with the Dryads.
Rating: 2.4/5. From 143 votes.
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Art is good

Whiners that believe themselves to be great artist think they have no money and live in their parents´ basement because AI is stealing their jobs, but the truth is they were already losers before AI was invented.

Let´s be honest, nobody is going to pay them thousands of dollars for a porn game. Before AI, we had people barely updating anything and milking patrons for years. If AI is the way to get games finished and get some decent visuals I welcome it completely and it is the way to go.

I care about results, not losers complaints. They behave as if they were people making stone knives who complained we invented bronze. We have always had neanderthals complaining abut progress, the best the rest of us can do is make sure they get extinct fast.

Anonymous Fapper

So by that insane fucking logic, should we also exterminate people suffering from degenerative diseases or birth defects? Because hey, humanity won’t have to put up with those unfortunate facts of life if the people suffering from them are dead.

Your calloused and insensitive views on art and life in general typically has a label. Here’s a clue: It starts with “N.” Can you guess what it is?

Anonymous Fapper

It is one thing to say you want to exterminate the artists, it is another to say you want to force everyone to hire an artist.
Why not let the artist do their games, let the people use AI for others, and let customers choose?

Anonymous NutZ

AI will always be trash art because is not you doing it, you don’t deserve any praise but we still got idiots that take anything cause they’re pathetic simps that don’t have any value for themselves.

Anonymous Fapper

Come down man, work with generative AI still has its challanges – one has to provide considerate input and clean up potential inconsistencies to get a valid result. Furthermore people creating games such as this are usually hobbyists not some 3A game studio. My concern regarding the popular application of generative AI rather lies in the IP of original content, but honestly this question should be addressed by jurists and providers in the first place.

Anonymous Panonon

I don’t usually read comments on this site since most of them are pretty toxic. But hi, dev here.
Although I put a lot of manual work into my images (they’re not full ai, I draw a lot and edit even more). I’ve never asked for praise for the ai images. If I was a major game studio, I could understand your complaints, but I’m just a regular guy releasing a game for free. I expect no praise for the art.

I have tried multiple times to bring on an artist, but sadly the ones I’ve brought on all seem to be very flaky, with one of them even running off with my money. If I could find a reliable artist, I would happily quit working on the ai art as it takes me days to complete editing a single image most of the time.

That said, I work very hard on the story and the programming, that’s where I hope to have people enjoy my work.

I do accept donations for my work on this game and the money I’m making is being saved up for an artist on the second game I’ve already begun work on.

Anonymous Panonon

I work very hard on the art, but I am not an artist and do not pretend to be.

That said, when it comes to indie games, especially free ones, I welcome ai art for new ideas from devs who don’t necessarily have money to hire artists.
Perhaps the ai can just be a placeholder until the devs have money.

Anonymous Fapper

Kinda hope this gets an update soon, I’m hooked.

Anonymous Fapper

Dev updates on the 3rd of every month on his website and itchio and some other places

Anonymous Fapper

Evidently it’s easy to “update” trash like this when there’s zero fucking effort required. Fucking AI garbage like this should be banned from the site!


You… Know that the art is only a small part of the game, right? Do you have any idea how long it takes to write a cohesive story or program it with different choices and dialogue?

Anonymous Fapper

Who the fuck cares???? There is still AI art being used. You gotta be an untalented bastard to still willingly use AI “art” in your “story” despite knowing that the program steals from actual artists. But then again I can expect porn pirates to defend that shit, as long as you brokies don’t pay – you wouldn’t care about consequence.

Anonymous Fapper

Great idea and nice use of ai to do the heavy lifting in some areas so you can focus on the most enjoyable aspects of creating for yourself

Anonymous Fapper

Oh great, another ai ‘art’ project that sits there and pretends it’s even mildly competent.

Can’t wait for the day where no one creates anything anymore and everyone just presses generate. AI with no self to express, no life lessons to teach. A dystopia where nothing ever changes, no one grows, and everyone sits there unthinking, just accepting the slop.

Can’t wait until we get rid of Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and every method to connect online, why would we need them when you could go chat to an AI chatbot instead?

Anonymous Fapper

Instead of playing this game, why don’t you just go talk to an ai chatbot since you think it can do a better job writing?

Anonymous Fapper

Oh it absolutely can’t. Don’t know how you got that impression from my comment. More lamenting this shit.

Anonymous Fapper

What exactly is incompetent to you? Did you even play the game or did you just start crying the moment you saw it used ai art? which by the way I’ve never seen any ai art like the ones used in this game. The story is really good.

Anonymous Fapper

The images being generated. The story can be as good as they want it to be. I ain’t gonna waste my time with ai generations. There’s plenty enough human made art that there is no need for ai generations in my entertainment. I’d rather give the time to someone passionately creating and expressing themselves.

If I really wanted to waste my time with AI generation, I’d go write the prompts myself. No need for a prompt writer.

Anonymous Fapper

Guarantee all your prompts would generate are portraits. A lot of the images in this game are made manually in photoshop using ai assets. Ai can only really do portraits and pov stuff.

Anonymous Fapper

My dude, all they’ve done to move them together is some pretty basic rotoscoping. Made manually is a fucking stretch.

Anonymous Fapper

you will be the old man that everyone thinks it’s mad and weird that will live in a slumber in like 80 years and will say “i told you, i always said this would end like this, i knew it!!” when ai will try to took over humanity and kill or enslave us

Anonymous Fapper

The thing is I’m not even entirely against AI coming into certain industries as tools to be used.

For instance I think there’s some really cool usages of AI when it comes to interpreting data. Weta (VFX company, worked on Avatar 2), used it to help break down muscle activation within actors performances. Which allowed artists to more faithfully bring their humanity, into an alien species.

In fact something I’m currently interested in is finding out if we could train a neural network on images that are thrown onto a CRT tv (or a highly accurate simulation), and seeing if we could speed up what takes minutes of rendering for a single frame, to just a filter that can go on top. Allowing emulation of old games to look more accurate to artist intentions to more people using LCDs.

But I cannot emphasise how little I want creativity to be automated. Human expression is important. It breeds innovation, it inspires, it teaches. AI has no life to share, no wants, no passions.

Anonymous Fapper

While I disagree with you, I strongly believe ai can and will be used as a tool for actual artists.

But what would you have preferred the developer did, not make anything at all, steal porn gifs from the internet like most? Paying artists isn’t always an option when you start from the ground. Though on f95 this dev mentioned he actually did pay an artist for this game, twice. I guess they stole his money though.

Personally, I think using ai and spending effort to modify it is far better than just using porn gifs from the internet and failing to keep characters consistent.

And let’s be real, you wouldn’t play it if it didn’t have art in the first place. The story is good, the art is just a backup to the story.

Anonymous Fapper

They could have gone and used 3D models, many of which are available for the low low price of free. There are plenty of 3d character creators for this purpose that are also available.

Something tells me that they didn’t pay an artist, they just said that to try and get a sob story.

This isn’t some immeasurably difficult task, there are plenty of ways to do this for free without theft.

Anonymous Fapper

A lot of people complain pretty hard about 3d models, which are just stealing assets even more blatantly than you think ai is (it’s not). It’s simple. Don’t like it? Don’t play it. Go back and play your stolen porn gif games.

Anonymous Fapper

3D assets are often released under CC0 or CC-BY licenses. They can be used freely by other developers and are intentionally released that way.

Ai absolutely is theft, shut up if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Anonymous Fapper

“You wouldn’t play it if it didn’t have art in the first place.”

Which is why CoC and TiTS both don’t have a fanbase right?

Anonymous Fapper

Don’t both of those have art? You guys whine too much. Just don’t play it if you got a problem

Anonymous Fapper

Those games both have art, and 100% of it is made by actual artists. Check mate, retard. Now go sit in the corner and eat your buckets of paste, you mouthbreathing moron.