Grandma's House

MC comes home from college and has lots of sex. Your standard cookie-cutter landlady game with all the staples you’ve come to expect like shower peeping, sleep groping and the classic “walking in on MC’s morning wood” scene. Except this time there’s a twist, you’ll be seducing your Grandmother’s friend instead of your landlady.

Developer: Moonbox – DiscordSubscribeStarItch.ioBuy Me a CoffeePatreon | Website | Twitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Vaginal, Oral, Urination, Male protagonist, Big ass, Groping, Rimming, Spanking, Anal, BBW, Squirting, Teasing, Stripping, Masturbation, Cheating, Big tits, Handjob, Maledom, MILF, Interracial, Romance, Creampie, Amazon, Netori, Femdom, Titjob, Virgin, Harem, GILF, Wholesome, Cuddling, Pregnancy, Cosplay, Footsex, Sleep sex, Midget, Lactation, Sex toys, Group Sex, Twins, Threesome, Penis worship

NoteYou need to finish Part 1 and save when it tells you before you can continue with Part 2. If you’re on android, make sure you make the save at the “Save now” screen. Part 2 will overwrite Part 1 when you install it. After that you can just load your save like normal. For PC/Mac, just start the game and load the save. There is also an autosave in case you forgot.

Note: You need to play Part 1 and save exactly when the game tells you to before you can play Part 2. Same instructions for switching from Part 2 to Part 3


-Day 94 and 95 (1900 lines and 655 renders)
-Fixed some typos and renders

Rating: 3.8/5. From 638 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

I have enjoyed the overall experience so far.
Would definetely reduce the dialogs and increase the action.
I hope chapter 4 finally gives Granny what she needs so desperatly and i hope it’s released soon!
Can’t wait!

Anonymous Fapper

Seeing these reviews you’d believe this is an absolute trash waste of time, while everyone is entitled to their own opinion I disagree. To clarify the Neto tag is because you cuck a few of the other male characters. As for the non hetero content it is all lesbian action. If you get anything other than those options you might want to review your choices. In chapter 3 the actual sexual content is increasing. I agree with the wholesome tag as it is a slow build to actual content with most of the characters and there is a lot of platonic affection.

Anonymous Fapper

New part still won’t work on my android please fix

Anonymous Fapper

black girl is farting in chinese girls face

Anonymous Fapper

For me this game has too many characters. I would prefer it if the focus was on fewer characters with more choices instead. It’s pretty meh.