When a sudden storm wrecks your ship, the only survivors are you, your sister and her nanny. The three of you are washed ashore on an uncharted island, but only two of you are rescued, taken in by an undocumented British colony.

Now your sister is missing… They’re telling you she is dead, that no one could survive outside the village, but you know better. You’ll find her, whatever it takes.

Soon, it becomes clear that the island holds many dark secrets which could threaten your life and sanity. Just where did these people come from? Why does no one go into the woods at night? What are these strange looks everyone gives you? And what has happened to your sister? Your quest is complicated by the island’s many, beautiful women who all seem to have a special interest in you… and secret agendas of their own…

Will you uncover the island’s secrets before they consume you? Or will you give in to temptation and depravity?​


Developer: Redikal – PatreonDiscordTwitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English, Spanish, Russian
Genre: 2DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Femdom, Harem, Vanilla, Romance, Oral sex, Fantasy, Corruption, Big tits, Big ass, Creampie, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Groping, Teasing, Horror, Voyeurism

Extract and run.


– Continuation of the story.

– 2 new H-scenes (Molly and Washerwoman).

– Dice minigame made easier.

– Small optimizations made.

– Translation in Spanish and Russian, updated and complete for this version.

Rating: 3.6/5. From 443 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

i play this game stuck molly scene there is 3 scene one is molly fuck customer,,second is mc fuck molly when get wine,,,third is when mc give her cowboy hat ,,,,four scene i dont know do anyone know how to get her last scene,,,??? thnkx bro if u know it and share the answer,,,,,!!!

Anonymous Fapper

MC peep on guy fucking… for “curiosity”. Deleted.

Sorry but i can’t help you.

Anonymous Fapper

I play this game 9 months, ago still little few updates. Hope the game will continue

Anonymous Fapper

Game have few porn. After 2-3 years.
And “surprise surprise”: “Lets go create more 1 side game”. To milk 10 years and never finish a game.
Scammers everywhere.

Anonymous Fapper

what a fucking game.
although i was a bit skeptical at first this became one of my all time favorites.
the story is so interesting and engaging (maybe even the most interesting on this site period)
the setting is masterful, the paranoid atmosphere coupled with the creepy mysterious woods.

notice how i didnt mention anything about porn in a fucking porn game, that is because i was so immersed in this game that the porn is pretty much a side note.
this game has crazy potential

with that being said it still has very little content i really hope the dev doesnt abandon this. and doesnt half ass it.

Anonymous Fapper

Potential in v0.1…0.2. Not more after 20 monthsof nothing.

Anonymous Fapper

Probably your dick don’t get hard anymore. And you search only for boring story without porn.
Then no porn in a porn game is good for you.

Maybe in real world you go to MCDonalds to eat salad. Because you hate hamburguer.

Anonymous Fapper

Really good game with amazing artwork and very interesting, supernatural, mysterious story. I’d say worth it for the story alone

Anonymous Fapper

Because no sex. You need play only to waste your free time.
For me, Boring childish story.

Anonymous Fapper

This post right here ladies and gentlemen, is why you should not jerk off several times a day, everyday. Notice this specimens inability to enjoy anything that isn’t simple/badly written and doesn’t immediately devolve into porn. Don’t be like this person. Take a break every few days and enjoy well written games when they show up.

Anonymous Fapper

You know than people watch movies (drama comedy action) to watch non porn stories.
At least in my country have a million of movies options.
Then when i want fap. Porn game. Porn video.
And i don’t watch porn video because of story.
I don’t watch drama movies to laugh. Or comedy to cry.
But probably my logic is too much for kids nowdays.

Anonymous Fapper

Crap writing. Copied of boring cheap movies.
“Amazing story” for you???

“I entered in a brothel. I am watching random whores fucking”

“Amazing story”