Ever wanted to seduce Dexter’s Mom? What about Mrs Incredible?
Welcome to Edgeville, the vibrant toon city featuring charming graphics where you can interact with your favorite sexy cartoon characters!
Immerse yourself in a unique open-world experience that combines elements of Dating-Sims, Visual Novels, and a casual First Person 3D game.
Explore a city where you can enter homes, interact with characters, and unlock special adult content (H-Scenes) and dialogue options. Discover exciting game secrets and Easter eggs as you embark on thrilling adventures and quests for the residents of Edgeville.
Perform tasks for the characters, get to know them intimately, and unlock naughty encounters with them.

Developer: CCG Games – Patreon | Discord | Itch |
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Open World, 3D, 3d game, 3DCG, big boobs, big ass, Milf, Parody, Cartoon, Dating, Sim, Simulation, VN, Visual Novel

Extract and run.


+ Bug: Certain resolutions was causing a bug that wouldn’t let you progress further than the intro scene since it would hide the “Next” button below the screen. This has been fixed. + Bug: A huge bug was preventing the game from continuing as soon as you are in your player home. This has been fixed and you can now progress like normal.



+ Added new Start Screen

+ Changed button layout for Start screen

+ Added prologue

+ Added basic/placeholder character customization screen

+ Added visual “grab line” for grabable objects

+ Added screen visual effect to fade-in/fade-out between scenes

+ Added text visual effect to fade-in/fade-out

+ Added a Messaging System from NPCs to Player

+ Added an Icon for the “Messages” app on player’s phone

+ Added a “New Message” notification when player receives a message from an NPC

+ Added functionality to mark a message as “read” if player has already seen it

+ Added a Mini-Tutorial inside the Player home

+ Added a new mouse icon

+ Removed “Welcome Message” when player enters the neighborhood for the first time

+ Player is oriented the right way when entering areas

+ Added UI audio new messages

+ Added UI audio for rewards

+ Added UI audio for inventory pickup

+ Added UI audio for certain buttons

+ Added open/close audio for home doors

+ Fixed visual bug for swoop-in animations on UI (from the left)

+ Fixed bug that allowed you to leave the Phone menu without leaving any of the apps first

+ Added Main Menu/ Intro Music

+ Player Preferences are now being stored and called properly, and will be remembered across different playthroughs.

+ “Invert Y” option added to Settings.

+ Settings Menu added to the Start Screen

+ In-Game Settings Menu has been updated, now mapped to the Esc Menu

+ Pause Menu updated

+ Day/Night Cycle now controls neighborhood sound transition from Day to Evening, and viceversa

+ Added audio to doors in Dexter’s Lab

+ Added audio to sliding bookshelf in Dexter’s Room

+ Added audio to Glass’ CPU installation and Glass’ waking up

+ Changed names and descriptions on all jobs and tasks to fit themes

+ Added “Security Gate” game mechanics for areas that are locked away by the Evil Mayor

Rating: 3.6/5. From 40 votes.
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