Elizabeth's Lounge

Elizabeth’s Lounge is an adult management game based on Bioshock universe and featuring characters from multiple other universes.

1958, City of Rapture, Alterative timeline. You, a man with huge debts, decided to take your last chance in a vacant spot at Rapture’s Detective Agency. But after a sudden meeting with a mysterious woman named Elizabeth, you realize this meeting will change everything. She introduces you to a brothel Lounge that you’ll be in charge of from now on.


You’ll be able to:

Summon, train and command girls from alternative timelines.
Watch your girls in action in different hand-drawn animations.
Use Vigors – magical tonics, that will enchant your girls at night.
Earn, win at mini-games, trade and upgrade to make your lounge even more better.

Developer: Jetty Mokki – PatreonTwitter | Itch |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, AICG, Animated, Male protagonist, Anal Sex, Brothel, Big Tits, Creampie, Futa, Milf, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Transformation, Management

Download, extract and run.


Third major update includes new vigor type, new appearance vigors, major changes to the Casino games and various visual & performance changes.

Vigors Type
From now on, there will be two types of vigors: Appearance and Transformation.

Appearance Vigors. Vigors that somehow change the appearance of its user. (Two new vigors and a legendary girl’s alt. skins will be of this type)
Transformation Vigors. Vigors that somehow change the body of its user. (All previous vigors will be of this type)
Vigors Pool
Added a “Gothification” Vigor
Changes the appearance of a selected girl to a “goth” style. It can be used in all services except “Soft Service”.
Added a “Bimbofication” Vigor
Changes the appearance of a selected girl to a “bimbo” style. It can be used in all services except “Soft Service”.
From now on, Alternative Skin for Legendary Girls will count as an Appearance Vigor (it still will be automatically unlocked and unpurchasable in the Store).
Customization Tab
Now, all vigor customizations changes can be made from one place in the Night Lounge via the “Customization Tab”.
It combines the previous vigors panel and preset saver, as well as adds new vigors and the ability to reset all changes.

Casino Games
Added two new mini-games
“Slots”. A slot machine that randomly rolls results. It is possible to win up to 2 Silver Eagles per game.
“Twenty One”. A card game where you must score more than your opponent and stay below 22 points. It is possible to win up to 3 Silver Eagles per game.
Card Game
Now, selecting a game condition before starting a game is possible.
Now, the opponent’s second card is always hidden.
Various UI updates.
Dice Game
Added more bets variety.
Now it’s possible to win a double reward.
Updated animation and added SFX.
QTE Game
Added a “bonus timer”. Meeting the bonus time will give a double reward.
The base time to complete a QTE is reduced to 10 seconds.
Difficulty no longer decreases base time.
Now, difficulty affects the slider max value.
Now adds extra arrow after 2nd & 4th game in victory streak.
Timings Game
Now also supports a “Left Click” as input.

Updating outdated textures to newer ones.
Added a box for EXP gain information.
Added a visual notification for preferred/disliked services.
Updated the UI for the Vigors page to separate the two vigor types.
Night Lounge
Various UI changes.
Optimized Soft and Hole Services animations.
Fixed the issue with the wrong angling in the Carry Service.
Now gives more accurate information about Vigors.
Supporters Page
Updated UI visuals.

Optimized and updated the SFX System for the Night Lounge.
Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug with incorrect slider fill timings in the Night Lounge.
Fixed a bug with a missing audio in “Carry Service” in the Night Lounge.
Rescaled all vigors prices.
Now supports the “ESC” button to open and close a menu in Central Street.
Added two more tasks for two new casino mini-games.
Updated all tutorials with up-to-date information.

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Rating: 2.5/5. From 29 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

come on bro look at that 2b portrait she looks like a fucking trans, whats the bloody point if the characters dont look anything alike

Anonymous Fapper

Same shit with Elizabeth if it weren’t for the name of the games i would have never recognizaed her

Anonymous Fapper

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Anonymous Fapper

Another generic peeping tom gay MC voyeur “spice”

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Anonymous Fapper

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Nice plot, nice UI, animation has more room for improvement (currently it’s very, very poor).
One last note: mini games are bad, better avoided.