Emmerzail: Orsia Arc

The story is about an incubus named Emmerzail who was sealed by the Hero, Aldrinn, in Chapel Orsia 20 years before the beginning of the story.

Now, he is plotting to release himself and regain the powers he had lost over the years in his confines while other Evil Beings are also plotting to stop Emmerzail’s return and to increase each of their own forces in preparation for the arrival of ‘Chaos’ which is said to be “The time where the weak are subdued and the strong rules”.

You control one of the 3 selectable heroines (Each with their own routes with different starting point, different story and background.).

Developer: Raindrops – PatreonBlog
: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Rape, Monster, Bondage, Female Heroine, Multiple Protagonists, Gangbang, Bestiality, Bukkake, Creampie, Futa, Exhibitionism

1- Extract to desired location.
2- You will need RPG Maker VX RTP installed.
3- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.


  • Fixed a bug on the Coven in Lynn Evil Route caused by deleting an audio file.


  • Fixed a bug in Lynn Evil Route when meeting the Coven for the first time the screen becomes black
  • Removed talking with the alchemist in the lake as requirement to advance the plot in Lynn Evil Route


  • Continued Lynn Evil Route storyline.
  • Added Prototype of Necromancy spell purchase for Lynn Evil Route.
  • Added new 40 H-Scenes for Lynn Evil Route
  • Added 2 short scenes in Lynn Evil Route into CG Mode (previously they weren’t in the CG Mode)
  • You can unlock the 2 scenes mentioned above by visiting the places where they happened if you already passed them:
    • The scene where Lynn’s butt is groped while working as a waitress at Longtooth pub. If you already passed the date with Jade scene, simply work at the pub again and save game to unlock this scene in the CG Mode.
    • The scene where Lynn bathe in the waterfall near Longtooth bandit fort. Simply visit the waterfall again and save game to unlock this scene in the CG Mode.
  • Some old CGs redrawn (including new Status screen for Sera in Dominatrix gear and Evil Lynn).
  • Recreated Sera and Djinn animation.
  • Created 3 animations for Alice and Yuuki’s gladiator fight against hobgoblins.
  • The location of Bromtheteus in Airionn (Alice Route) changed. Now he is inside the newly added Temple of Ares which is added for world building purposes.
  • Removed some vampire skills and items that you get on Lynn good route if your Alignment is neutral because I decided to scrap neutral route.
Rating: 2.3/5. From 52 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

above link for the rtp required to run the game doesn’t work, try this instead: https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/run-time-package

Anonymous Fapper

nicht spiel bar es fehlt die data RGSS202E.dll
tolle sache aber fail.
beheben bitte.

Anonymous Fapper

and save is not work the game has bad quali

Anonymous Fapper

Nicht picht ist tome kabe loge bigi tuche. Afin mist morbakt fehlt die ghorm bisht. Fuck you

Cpt. James T. Kirk

Dude, be precise when mocking the German tongue! Tuche is a substantive and should start with a capital T. Same with Bisht. As Bisht is femininum, the adjective should take the feminine form, too: ghorme. Finally : It‘s morbackt with ck.

Cheers, Mate!

Anonymous Fapper

The game comes with like three different required files downloading. Fix the sources of the download so its capable of launching when downloaded, we shouldn’t need to get required files ourselves.

Anonymous Fapper

I meant to say that it comes with a few different required files that NEED downloading. As in they’re missing from the source download for some reason.

Anonymous Fapper

Theres a dll file missing for the windows download. Both the mirror and the normal. Its not launchable.

Anonymous Fapper

The game work you just have to download RPG Maker VX RTP its less than 50mb and free download


The game is tagged as RPGM, RPGM is a trash game engine that requires you to install a seperate program (which they call a runtime environment) to run any RPGM game. It used to be popular back in the day for some reason before Renpy overtook it. Some games are good despite being hobbled by RPGM, so if you want to give this game a try you need to install the runtime.