Ero-Gen – interactive adult game about the adventures of sorceresses.
There are three storylines in the game.
Each story is about a pair of sorceresses who, one way or another, became involved in criminal life of their town.
The girls are trying to overcome the troubles that suddenly arose in their lives, but this turns out to be really difficult.
Now none of them can quit this game without spreading her legs for the robbers.
After some time, the sorceresses will get to know each other and unite to achieve goals they did not even suspect when they got involved into this story.

Developer: Sesalia – PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, NSFW, 3D game, Female protagonist, Male domination, Magic, Turn-based combat, Deepthroat, Anal, Oral, BDSM, Vaginal sex, Fantasy, Management, Platformer


– new platformer level added (playing time 20-30 minutes);
– some new platformer game mechanics added (portals, magnets, aphrodisiacs, etc.)
– 60+ completely new adult scenes;
– some new textures and visual effects.

Rating: 2.6/5. From 114 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

What is the code please ?

Anonymous Fapper

I can’t to install it after download what’s the pity, dev should take care of quality of files

Anonymous Fapper

Christ, everybody is just using this one same model now in these cheap knock off of each other games putting on different hair styles.

Anonymous Fapper

Well you can’t expect a game dev to learn something so vital as asset creation right? I mean that would require work and effort! And we can’t have that when they have terrible porn games to release to make money for more nuggies.

Anonymous Fapper

People who always bitch at those who put up complaints on here saying “well you aren’t buying or paying for it so shut up” need to just take a moment to realize people would most likely pay for it if these games werent always so trash to look at an unable to be seen different from each other due to same items used. Put in effort, get money. Put in no effort, get ripped on a site like this.

Anonymous Fapper

illusion better be making royalties lmao

Anonymous Fapper

Illusion better make us a sequel to rape layer and release it on steam.

Anonymous Fapper

Every adult game in existence uses assets created by other people. Creating everything from scratch would take time and resources that nobody in this genre has. Most Devs either do everything themselves or have a couple of helpers, not the large team that would be required to create content on that scale, and still turn out updates regularly

Mr Boris


Anonymous Fapper

what game did you make?


Take so much time to make asset believable, trash one can be done in few days but realistic one take close to a month. And nowadays everyone is just using Daz or Gen8 and then you have to pay for the license royalty for each character, On top of that you have the render time and then the coding part. Doesn’t explain why theses modele look trash tho


As nice as the animations are (that part is indeed really well done) the gameplay itself is terrible.

Anonymous Fapper

not recommend on phone. it work fine if you have a decent cpu but the render still too demanding on phone cpu and it heat up real quick like to 60 °c in about 5 min. this is why we need a gpu for phone, rendering shit is hard.

Donald Trump

Your phone sucks then

Anonymous Fapper


Anonymous Fapper

The renders are just jpegs.