In this game you play as a young man on vacation with his family, on the way back home you run into crazy storms, forcing the pilots to make an early landing in some random city.

With no end of the storms in sight, the airline puts you and the other passengers up in a hotel until you can take off again. On the first night you spend there you get a dream of a mysterious woman visiting you and giving you the power to increase the lust of any person you want, and promises to make you more powerful if you corrupt women in the hotel.

As a red blooded young man of course you agree to those terms despite the mysterious air about the woman. Thus begins your journey! Who is Wednesday and how does she have the ability to unlock power within you, why do you have these powers, how many women will you get to know “intimately” before this weird storm lets up? Play through the game and discover the answers to these questions!​

Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: Corruption, domination, Submission, MILF, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Missionary, Doggy, Cowgirl, Footjob, Boobjob, Anal Fondling, Groping

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Eros’ Lust.exe” to start playing.


Entire remake of the game!

Nicole and Jessica are the only girls in the game so far for the rerelease and they each get 12 new scenes. Spoilers ahead so don’t read if you want to keep the scenes a suprise.


  • Room Peep
  • MC Shower Peep
  • Underwear Scene
  • Nicole Shower Peep
  • Nude Scene
  • Movie Night Kiss
  • Dishes Grope
  • Sleep Handjob
  • Night Fingering
  • Face Sitting
  • Shower Blowjob
  • Model Sex


  • Underwear Peep
  • Underwear Drawer Exploration
  • Massage
  • Shower Cleaning
  • Sexy Massage
  • Butt to Face Collision
  • Night Eat Out
  • Standing Footjob
  • Spanking
  • Shower Boobjob
  • Grinding
  • Shower Sex
Rating: 2.9/5. From 32 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Basic HS game, nothing special. Graphics are average. Sort of animated. 3 main girls; Mom, & 2 Sisters, others come in later in game. Play is simple and straightforward; just talk to your mom, younger sis, older sis, each one per day, respond with choices (wrong choice ends session or game), day by day, sexuality progresses – begin with fondling breasts, then work up to full sex – very slow progression. Story doesn’t matter, dialog and choices play out scenes. Fappable and worth playing.

Helge Estevanovic Aarestr

abandoned as i see

Anonymous Fapper

i enjoyed the old eros lust in renpy this one is just a clusterfuck mess, played for about 5 minutes and was like what the fuck am i supposed to be doing, i think the switch was to be lazy and use pre rendered items to save time and effort rather then create all the scenes from scratch, just toss the model on screne and be done with it, this is gonna be dead soon in all likelihood

Anonymous Fapper

I really don’t understand why this is being remade. The old version wasn’t finished, and it was better than this remake.

Anonymous Fapper

cause its easier to make game from honey select than making a real one, lazy dev spotted 🙂

Anonymous Fapper

honey select is for models, not engine moron, its the same thing as 3dcg and daz3d, the most used engines are renpy, unity and rpgm, with unreal as a niche addition to the list, not many use unreal mostly due to its complexity (its used in almost all mainstream games u can get on console)


to be fair, I personally like Unreal Engine the most out of all these, but RenPy is the only one I haven’t dabbled with before. For new devs, out of the other 3, I’d recommend Unity if they have the capacity and will to actually learn a bit of how it works, since it’s fairly easy to learn, compared to how complex games can be made in it. Unreal engine is indeed a bit more complex, but provides a lot more freedom, if someone knows how to use blueprints and behaviour graphs properly.

Anonymous Fapper

The original used Renpy. As it should. This awful remake uses RPGM and is the very epitome of a walking simulator. Dev said it won’t matter cos it takes place in a hotel. A hotel with floors and lifts. You just walk around looking for a sparkle that denotes something is going to happen there. Fucking tedious crap.