Lucky Paradox [v0.3.5] [Stawer]

Overview Info Changelog Images Welcome to Argleton, a charming city disconnected from the rest of the world, where you can relax, visit places of interest and meet its quirky inhabitants. You will be able to form relationships with different girls, follow their stories and live sexy moments. Developer: Stawer - Patreon | Discord Censored: No OS: [...]
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Hogwarts Restored [v0.2] [Mr. Crownheart]

Overview Info Changelog Images This is a re-imagination of Witch Trainer with an entirely new script and a lot of added content. You play as Professor Sanders, the newly appointed Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher following the Battle of Hogwarts. Hogwarts castle is in a rough state after Lord Voldemort's assault and Hermione Granger, [...]
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Solvalley School [v0.16.0] [TK 8000]

Overview Info Changelog Images Solvalley School is a mix of Dating Sim and Visual Novel. It deals with the adventures of Alex, a young student at local school. It is up to the player to develop Alex's abilities to try and win as many girls as possible. There are more than 30 girls for Alex [...]
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Coming of Age [v1.2] [Crazybat]

Overview Info Changelog Images You play an 18 year old girl named May who has a mother, step-father, step-brother, and an older sister. She needs to get a job, attend college, and either become more corrupt or remain pure. Unfortunately, you are in charge of her decisions.​ Developer: CrazyBat Language: English Censorship: None Platform: Windows Genre: 3DCG, Corruption, Female [...]
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Project X: Love Potion Disaster [v7.8 Alpha] [Zeta Team]

Overview Info Changelog Images The player has been captured by Doctor Eggman, alongside several other Mobians, during one of his invasions. Unfortunately, Pili and Mili, two assistants of Dr. Akari who are working on a secret project of a love potion, accidentally drop too much of Dr.Akari's pheromon in their concoction when their facility rumbles [...]
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Homework Sisters [Komisari Games] [Final Version]

Overview Info Changelog Images A 15-17 minutes linear game where you will meet some weird sisters who will make you think ... ¿What did I do to deserve this? with 4 different endings, 290 images and 205 animations. Developer: Komisari Games - Patreon | Discord Censored: No Version: v1.0c Final OS: Windows, Mac, Linux Language: [...]
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Genlock’s Quest [v1.0] [Nikraria]

Overview Info Changelog Images With the Borderline code, I made this little Dragon Age parody game, where you are a Genlock, keeping a mysterious treasure away from adventurers. Developer/Publisher: Nikraria Censorship: None OS: Windows, Mac, Android Language: English Genre: 2DCG, RPG, Male Protagonist, Rape, Parody, Group Sex, Boobjob, Anal Sex Installation: 1- Extract to desired location. 2- [...]
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Paizuri University [Zuripai Games] [Final Version]

Overview Info Images Paizuri University is a comedic hentai story about the life of Bill, a photography student at Oat Pi University. And Kareen, a pink haired cutey with a not so secret wild side. Follow them as they get caught up in lewd situations involving hot teachers, students, melons and inanimate objects!!!​ Developer/Publisher: Zuripai Games [...]
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