Everything Will Be Fine

Everything Will Be Fine is about the story of a young man whose father died when he was child, and has a careless mother. He did not know what love meant, and had nothing he wanted. One day, after arguing with his mother, he decides to move to his brother’s place. He promises himself that he is going to turn a new page for his life. After that, he meets a girl, and then he realizes that it is the first step of a new beginning.​


Developer: Desakt – PatreonDiscordTwitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DGC, Animated, Male Protagonist, Dating sim, Humor, Romance, Big Ass, Big Tits, Creampie, Male Domination, Female Domination, Handjob, Oral Sex, Teasing, Vaginal Sex

1. Extract and run.

Rating: 3.9/5. From 197 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Big Potential, I like the Story so far… rly Intersting. Character, Animations and Scenes all looking rly good IMO.

not so much content atm, nethertheless worth a Play

Max Muscles

Nice game, looking forward for more updates.

Anonymous Fapper

This is the type of novels I like, decisitions are important, quality renders and detalis are great also the story isn’t boring. Believe it or not, i’m willing to support the dev on his patreon page.

Anonymous Fapper

Nice girls. Atrocious writing.

Anonymous Fapper

What the fuck?

Anonymous Fapper

telling u bro we are living in a simulation that cant be real