Factorial Omega: My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend

In the dystopian future year of 2021 the sexbot market boomed. Their numbers quickly surpassed the entire motor vehicle industry, and a golden age of peace seemed closer than ever before. Alas, a month later, an international scandal between the United States and China resulted in a world wide ban on sexbots. Life would never be the same.
Countrywide riots ensued, countless militias and terrorist groups formed, most notably the Benign Bionist Coalition and the Incontinent Cell, both fighting for control over what remains of the sexbots. Once a widely available item, the few remaining sexbots can now only be seen in the deepest corners of the dark web black market. These days it’s technically impossible to get one in good shape as all the sexbot factories were burned to the ground following the ban.
You are a young Anon living in a ghetto. Once again you are left penniless after losing a job. One night you see a military truck swerve and nearly crash in front of your apartment. Some of its cargo falls out and into a nearby ditch, and the truck drives off. You decide to investigate. As you get closer, the mystery cargo takes shape.
It’s a sexbot.

Developer: Incontinent Cell – PatreonItch.ioSubscribeStar | Discord | Twitter | Newgrounds
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Android, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2D, Adult, Anime, Eroge, Erotic, Hentai, Life Simulation, NSFW, Unity


  • Tweaked colors a bit so skin matches arm and leg better.
  • Fixed a bug that caused streaming with slow mode to have less donations.
  • Probably fixed a bug that caused hand to be stuck in headpat if bot started talking during headpats!


  • You can go outside with the bot now.
  • About 70 pages of new events, dialogue etc. mostly related to going outside.
  • More dialogues with the bot!
  • New ending related to balls exploding!
  • New ending related to bot being found!
  • New fancy logo.
  • New fancy menu.
  • New better ahegao face.
  • New art for Shanice(The nun)
  • You can now headpat during missionary.
  • Quality names reworked.
  • Items with lower quality now have visible scratches etc.
  • New fancy equipment screen:
    • Save equipment sets and share them with people.
    • Inspect bot’s details.
  • Multicolor items:
    • Hair now no longer needs two hypercamo hair modules.
    • You can change each eye’s iris/pupil and sclera color separately.
    • You can change cat ear fluff, outside color separately.
  • New item: Sharp teeth
  • New item: Sneakers
  • New item: Plain sneakers
  • New item: High-tech Hypercamo Skin
  • New item: Long socks
  • Items now have tiny icons!
  • Slowmode for streaming, so you can enjoy comments even when you have a looot of followers.
  • Better kissing and better headpats!
  • You can order custom clothing in clothier shop.
  • -Room has been reworked!
  • Light during sex scenes is affected by time.
  • More comments
  • More donations
  • More news

Not interesting changes:

  • New font for gui!
  • Changed unity 2019 to unity 2020. Might fix some bugs and cause others.
  • Changed textures from 4k to 2k. Might make it work on older android phones?
  • If you try to end fricking while your cock is still inside of the bot, a popup will tell you to pull out first instead of the button just disappearing. (People thought they can only finish frick by dying.)
  • Cumming no longer lets go of cock, so you can quickly get back to fucking afterwards!
  • Saving a game on a slot with a note won’t make it disappear anymore.
  • You can reorder items by grabbing and dropping them.
  • Game will ask you if you really want to close it now.
  • On android you can click back button to go back sometimes. For example you can close the browser. (A lot of people struggled with this)
  • Tweaked stocks a bit!
  • Save file exported from the game is no longer encrypted!
  • Nice loading screen for webgl and a little loading screen in all versions.
  • Better performance in general(maybe)!
  • Better performance during streaming with a lot of viewers.
  • Better balance?

Modding changes:

  • Completely new system for items. Allowing items with multiple layers.
  • Shoulder no longer disappears in doggy after you put on a shirt!
  • New advanced mod generation menu(Will have to write a tutorial for it…)
  • Most of the old mods will not work, because of the new system!


  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to do doggy with just right leg.
  • Fixed lingerie panties only appearing white.
  • Fixed a bug that caused time to move during story events in pc
  • Fixed a bug that caused you not to die after overdosing on endurance drug.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes make mouse disappear if bot started talking while you were hovering mouse over her head.
  • Popup asking if you really want to delete your save now has “Yes” “No” instead of just “Ok” ⊙﹏⊙
  • Fixed disappearing cursor on Linux. (By disabling custom cursors, sorry Linux users…)
  • Fixed scrolling in item lists
  • Fixed a bug that caused clicking “F” to change full screen while input field was active

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Rating: 4.0/5. From 86 votes.
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Don’t bother with this update. It’s full of bugs and frequently crashes. Go read the complaints on the dev’s page. Dev also doesn’t seem or sound interested in fixing this hunk of junk.

Anonymous Fapper

Bren with a helpful comment never thought I’d see it lol

Anonymous Fapper

literally every update after a big update is just bug fixing


shut the fuck up and go touch grass, bren. everyone knows you’re a faggot


Did I anger the easily enraged lick-a-dick clique of social morons on Fapnation again?

Anonymous Fapper

you really love hobbing knobs

Anonymous Fapper

you should just kys


^^^ This shit right here?
This is Fapnation. Home of the incels who never leave their parents’ basement experience fits of rage when somebody points out how retarded their games are.

But overall, don’t feel bad. I’m sure you can finally find acceptance at last with the bronies.

Anonymous Fapper

Nah. As a brony myself, I’ll say you can keep em. We don’t need that negativity.


well you are right on that one. bunch of faggots who have no lives and keeps posting incel shit

Anonymous Fapper

really like the customization, but it’s a little too random. took me like 2 weeks to get a certain type of clothing so we could go outside lmao. but overall it’s been pretty neat

Anonymous Fapper

Honest review: games not bad, not too grindy, for what it has it’s not bad, animations are pretty good it has a lot potential, I for one can’t wait for the next update, but for now there’s not a lot of content but there’s a lot of control when “getting down” and the modding is pretty good too but wish there were a lot more modders Working on this game.

Cheat code: go into Browser on Mc’s PC, and type “iamacheater” this will let you get 10,000$ per click

I give the current state of the game 8/10

Anonymous Fapper

Also customization is not bad too for people who enjoy that sort of thing

Anonymous Fapper

(not the same guy) the only real problem i have with this game is that side storys can end before they even begin, like in with the robot priest, you have 2 choices, both seem irrelevant but one of them ends the side story instantly, the same happens with other side storys

Anonymous Fapper

Fun fact: There already is a Robot Priest avalable today, not even Japan but in Germany of all places. Not without controversity though.
His name is BlessU-2, he speaks several Languages alongside a local dialect, and it looks even more creepy than the one in this Game.
But at least you can take your blessing with you as a printout.
Since i don’t know if i can provide external Links you can find Articles and Images by Googeling it’s name: “BlessU-2”

Anonymous Fapper

there nothing more after get the arms and legs?