Fall Fable

Due to unknown reasons, the protagonist has to take remedial lessons even though he passed all his classes. Interesting events begin to unfold as he starts his first day of school.​

Developer: ProMorning – PatreonBuy Me A Coffee
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Animated, MILF, School Setting, Interracial

1. Extract and run.


  • Stories updated for Beverly and Kim – Two new paths to explore for the various characters around Funlerton.
  • Updated texts – A few more texts have been added and more phone pictures have been added.
  • Phone rework – The phone has been updated to be more modular, as the previous iteration was amateurish. It has a new look and some new functions
  • Audio panel added – An audio panel has been added so that you can set the audio to your liking. It is available in scenes as well as free-roam.
  • Backpack rework – The backpack has been changed to a character screen, which houses the backpack, story, and credits tabs currently. This is still in a development stage so expect it to be updated in the future. The backpack tab has access to your items and tools, the story tab lists the characters you have met, and shows some information about them, and gives you the ability to rename them.
  • UI changes  The UI has been updated to look a little nicer (imo).
  • Two new locations – Two brand-new locations to explore.
  • Alexis hints removed – Since characters can now be renamed to your liking, the hints that Alexis provided were at times too specific. The hints will return when Alexis’ story is updated in the future.
  • The computer is back on! – For those of you that remember the computer from V0.1, it has been brought back. At the moment, the computer allows you to replay scenes you have already seen, with more applications to be added in the future.
  • TV disabled – The TV has been disabled until it can be updated in the future. The previous iteration is very old and amateurish, and I hope to bring it back in a future update where it will be nicer and with more content.
  • Intro updated – The first two intro scenes have been updated, with plans to update the rest of them in future updates. The intro scenes had some of my earliest and therefore worst renders, and much time has passed and I feel I have improved enough that they warrant an update.
  • Characters updated – Various characters have had a facelift, some changed entirely.
  • Locations updated – The garage, living room, kitchen, and bedroom have all been updated with a new look. The corner shop now has an exterior.
  • Skip Scene button added – A button has been added on the top-right corner of the screen for many scenes that allows skipping to the end of that scene.
Rating: 3.7/5. From 168 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

They announced v0.4 in November last year, last post on their Patreon is from Feb21, only few supporters left, I guess motivation is almost zero and the game will be abandoned sooner or later, which is a pity, game, story and characters are well-done.

Anonymous Fapper

It was fun, and even funny. I’ll be watching this.

Anonymous Fapper

Frustrating! So many trivial activities to do before getting any sex content. And when you do get sex content from a character, their story content ends. Get handjob from neighbor, then end of her story. Get handjob from store owner’s wife, then end of her story. Get handjob and later blowjob from Mom, then end of her story. Since Mom is the focus of the game, I would expect full story with her. But she has limited content like all other characters. What’s the point of playing?

Anonymous Fapper

well it’s only v0.3. And there are not exactly repetitive activities. I don’t see any point of complaining so far.

Anonymous Fapper

Interesting game. A lot of activities, several sideline characters, some sex content (BJs & HJs), but sideline characters are limited and not important, any sex with them is trivial. The main focus of the game is on the Mom. She’s a realistic looking middle-aged Mom and very loving. Don’t worry about sideline stuff, just focus on the Mom. Work at nearby store for money and random activities. Caution… If you go across town at night, you will always be robbed of money.

Anonymous Fapper

Has some glitches. Certain activities are tricky… like… Bring Mom’s purse to Mom at work – might need to try for two days before she shows up at work. Kait-Lyn (pregnant girl) is ugly… Way too many freckles to be cute. Sex content is limited to handjobs and blowjobs from neighbor MILF, store owner’s wife, Kim (at gym) and Mom. Realistic characters. Slightly animated. I can’t get milk or food for Kait-Lyn… Only found onion. Too much trivial activity, not enough sexual content.

Anonymous Fapper

Speak for yourself, that many freckles on a redhead make me bust a nut.

Anonymous Fapper

Milk school cafe. Foos grocerie store backroom.