Part Time: Yuko Story

George is a university foreign student who left the country for Japan.
He holds a part-time job at a nearby supermarket to pay for his rent and living expenses.
There, he encountered a married woman brimming with allure,
who is quite stimulating especially for a naive boy straight out of the country.​

Developer: Sinccubus – PatreonPixiv | Fanbox | Rule34 | Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 2.0 Final
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, animated, male protagonist, male domination, vaginal sex, oral sex, creampie, groping, interracial, cheating, wholesome, big ass, big tits, milf

Extract and run.

Rating: 1.7/5. From 69 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

At least make it accurate LMAO. Asian women love BWC, not baby black cock LMAO.

Anonymous Fapper

Asian women likes cutting off black cock and putting it in their collection. Blacks should all be cutted and then be sent back to Africa.


Alot of wording and name errors. Story seems dull. artwork is fairly decent

Not a fan of the typical moronic faggot type mc.

All in all a pretty dull game. Giving it a 3/10.

Anonymous Fapper

Black shit, not interested.

Anonymous Fapper

Same with U, bro

Alpha Cucky

Love the BBC. Wife does aswell

Anonymous Fapper

LMAO. Almost certainly you are a tranny incel who’s wife is his left hand.

Anonymous Fapper

Go kill yourself you worthless trash.

t r u t h

NTR fags aren’t even men.

Anonymous Fapper

Spare yourself the trouble and forget these games if you don’t like it.

Alpha Cucky

We are more men than non-cucks. Being a cuck is alpha


in hell

Anonymous Fapper

Go kill yourself you worthless retard.

Anonymous Fapper

NTR lovers is not men nor women, they are not normal creature, they need to be chemical castration