False Hero

Explore the lives of a high school girl, her carrying mother, an aspiring actress, and a pair of twins. Each has their own in-depth story arc and unique developments. You can build trustful, loving relationships or you can corrupt them until they’ve become cock worshipping whores. It’s for you to decide.

Developer: ENYO – PatreonDiscord | Itch.ioGamejolt
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Thriller, Adventure, Sexual harassment, Groping, Romance, Ntr, Corruption, Twins, Stripping, Humiliation, Handjob, Blackmail, Cheating, MILF, Teasing, Vaginal sex

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “FalseHero.exe” to start playing.


New Kate and Ashley’s content
The focus of this update was to build relationship between Kate and Sebastien and also show blooming Ashley’s interest to Kate.
Most importantly, I wanted to show Kate’s character. In the last events it wasn’t noticeable what she’s like, but now it is very vivid and it is the most interesting thing for me in Kate.
Major changes & additions:
There are 8 new events:
1) 4 new anime events with Kate and Sebastien.
2) 2 new bathroom events with Kate and Sebastien.
3) 1 new Kate and Ashley event.
4) 1 new event with Ashley and Sebastien.
+ Small interactions/story events and other stuff.
Minor changes:
I proofread the game after beta release, but there are probably a lot of mistakes still in the game. Send me them in #bug-reporting channel in discord.

Rating: 3.8/5. From 935 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

i was a patreon on 5 games including one of my favorite which was View of family i must have been unkucky lol they all got abandoned so now am not supporting patreons anymore

Anonymous Fapper

it’s so funny to read the dev defending his loss of commitment and try to excuse that theft as an anonymous… like bro we all know u are him u would be the only person to defend this that hard. And before u say something like “why do u complain u got it for free” nope. I used to be a patron for like 8 months i guess? project was cool but u are such a kid who made an excuse every single time the deadline u yourself set was coming up to keep milking ur patrons… this was simply not for u, hope u do better in other projects

Anonymous Fapper

What’s the difference between compressed and normal versions? Is it just lower resolution images or is there something else missing if I go with the compressed? Thanks.

Anonymous Fapper

im looking for some hot rape incest games.. names please

Anonymous Fapper

try raptus

Anonymous Fapper

I think majority of the people got the wrong idea about the content of this game. I think is Netori not Netorare. There is a difference.

Anonymous Fapper

Well, there is a slightly hit of Netorare, where Melanie was used to be your partners in sexcapading suddenly got married with another guy, that is netorare, but the story concentrate on Mel being bored on here married life that just want to have a little fun with her husband, while the MC will try to “HELP” thier boring marraige.