Fate and Life: The Mystery of Vaulinhorn

The story takes place in Vaulinhorn, a bustling vibrant city with a thriving economy and rich culture as well as history.
This city was founded in 1714.
The population of the city was 4.191 at the 2020 census but in 2022, there is a strange thing occurring in the city.
Several people were disappearing from the city without any trace.
Our protagonist, Maive Clara Rose, has been assigned to investigate this case.
Help Maive discover the darkness luring around Vaulinhorn and help her choose “interesting decisions” ,
in her journey as she tries to unveil the mystery behind people’s disappearance.
Fate says Maive will never be able to solve this case. But, will you let fate control her destiny?
Or will you break free and become proof that fate is not always destiny?
It’s all yours to decide.


Fate and Life: The Mystery of Vaulinhorn Trailer 1

Fate and Life: The Mystery of Vaulinhorn Trailer 2

Developer: Celestial Novel – PatreonDiscordSubscribestarItch.ioBuyMeAcoffee
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, animated, female protagonist, Incest, Milf, Dilf, Voiced, Big tits, multiple ending, romance, teasing, big ass, corruption, groping, cheating, Sexual Harassment, horror, monster, school setting, voyeurism, stripping, Masturbation, Paranormal

1. Extract and run.

Chapter 1b

-NO NEW CONTENT, this update is mainly for fixing the noisy/grainy renders.
– Added textbox opacity setting (the default is set to zero)
– Added brightness setting (It will adjust THE NEXT IMAGE and NOT THE CURRENT ONE)
– Fixed some grammatical errors
– Reduce the file size without losing its quality(From 1.2GB to 290mb)
– Added 2 trailers for the game in the game main menu! You can watch it here trailer 1 and here trailer 2
– Added official android version
– Added SubscribeStar, Itch.io, Buymecoffee and Discord links in the game main menu

Chapter 1

In Chapter 1 there will be:
320 HD quality renders with more or less 2500 Iterations in each image
5 looping animation (fully animated renders will be released in the future!)
20k Words (including all of the Renpy code)
20 Background music
53 Voice Narrated lines
(MAC version is not tested)

Rating: 3.1/5. From 60 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Graphics are a bit harsh but stylish. Relationships can be set (roommates become family). (female protagonist) MC is a hot milf detective with a nice home and family. MC makes choices in game of how to deal with each interaction – let her son’s friend ogle her or not, be affectionate with her son or not… all geared toward her possible sex with characters. Current version is very short with no content yet. Narrative tends to be wordy and over-burdened with details. Game has potential.

Anonymous Fapper

All “milking projects” have “potential”. 99..9% are abandoned becuase DEV believe than will get 500 patrons with 200 or 300 renders game.
DEV need 3.000 renders and good story to get a good support. 10 updates of 300 renders in one year, then game HAVE TRUE POTENTIAL. If only 2-3 updates per year of 300 renders. No potential.

Anonymous Fapper

It’s too short, but it has a lot of potential, this game needs to go quite far.

Anonymous Fapper

This game has lot of potential.
Only if people support such dev instead of useless, pathetic ,filthy, breast cancerous women in onlyfans

Anonymous Fapper

Looks interesting. I´ll give it a try.

Anonymous Fapper

Seriously this game is so boring, you have to see everyone’s thoughts and if the MC has such a perfect and loving family why the fuck is she so into cheating so fast?!? not like it happens fast just her thoughts. Images are weak and not even clear at times. This is a very weak attempt at making a game, looks like a half assed attempt without any real effort even with the writing it’s all over the place really sad though cause the plot actually sounds nice


Well today’s women are just stupid and retarded.

Anonymous Fapper

I don’t see any cheating in my game. It’s your decision to make her cheat or not. She is cheating because of your decision and now you blame the game LMAO. Images are so decent compared to other first release game

Anonymous Fapper

thats a rule in porn games, devs cant write, even in games with “good story” the writing is lame at most