Female Agent

Female Agent is a text-based RPG. It stars a Western intelligence officer, sent undercover into Bangkok’s red-light district. She’ll have to navigate her way through a sex-fuelled urban underbelly to take down a dangerous international terrorist.

Will she succeed or become trapped in Bangkok’s criminal underworld?

Developer: Chrushstation – Patreon | Discord | Website | Bug Reports
Censorship: No
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, Text-based, Female protagonist, Character creation, Adventure, RPG, Simulator, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Lesbian, Creampie, Cheating, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Stripping


Proper classified – updated the NEPTUNE dossier in the first scene to carry correct US classification markings.
Bug fixes & typos – changed “margaritas, margaritas and daiquiris” to “margaritas, mai tais and daiquiris”. Corrected British slang “scrip” for US “script” in dialogue with Commander Perry. Corrected wrong dialogue choice appearing in Signal chat with Ian. Removed extra “with” during dinner with with Max.


Fallout – deal with the consequences of the black bag job. Includes a dialogue scene written by The Lost Engineer, involving a new character invented by XIII-Death, translated by HollyGrail! Thanks guys! It takes a village to help an idiot
Moar make up – added Apricot Fantasy, Burnt Zellige, Lady Danger, Pourpre Edgy, Rose Hip, Rose the Day, So What?, Universal Biscuit and Violet Vixen lipsticks. Added Azure Like It and Lemon Bomb nail polishes.
Coming back from a game over – added a back button to the end of content page, so players who save on this page can navigate back from it.
Bambi meets the boss – changed the header during the date with Kriangsak to reflect if the heroine uses her stage name.
Bug fixes – Fixed red error during the taxi ride home in Malaysia. Fixed typo in Yacht Guy’s name. Fixed mis-spelling of “Quebecois”. Corrected dialogue error referring to Sweden as a NATO member. Corrected typos in this very changelog.

Rating: 3.5/5. From 152 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Still no actual content update. Either continue working, or abandon your project.

Anonymous Fapper

even with the update nothing has changed. you still can’t choose any secret service apart from Great Britain

Anonymous Fapper

took you long enough to update the game

Anonymous Fapper

first time when i played this, years ago, story was starting in Scotland and ending half way to Bangkok. and i really liked it.
but it was rather short and felt like the introduction to a real thing.

at second try, there was a whole youth part added. seriously, didn’t seem like improvement to me. got me bored before reaching the end.

Fappy Lad

Made it to 16 before the content ended. Was hoping I’d atleast reach Car-Rental age. lol

Obviously my first go but I am surprised that one of the paths ended so abruptly.

I was also letdown by the limited character customization. Other than that–The dice roll is really trippy on the eyes 😆

Fappy Lad

Oh, well, right…so the ‘Play’ link is to a much older version. Realized that when I went to restart. Most of what I said is likely invalid.

Just wanted to update in the event that I’m not bothered to do so in the future.