Female Agent

Female Agent is the story of a Western intelligence officer sent undercover into Bangkok’s red light district. There she has to strip, suck and fuck her way towards catching a dangerous international terrorist.

Developer: Crushstation
Censorship: No
Language: English
Genre: Secret Agent, Undercover, Sex, Brothel

Bugfixes by Hyneman and Tommygun
This degree gotta mean something – Fixed a bug which made huge one-time XP gains to work incorrectly – including the situation when all degrees yielded the same +0 in Law/Psychology/Accounting, among other things.
There are other poses, you know – Agent now gets more XP in sexual skills from partners in serious relationship – and less XP from one night stands.
Bigger is better – Agents with E cups now get more XP in Titfuck than their less-endowed colleagues.
She knows her business – Agent now gets XP in all relevant sexual skills during Kink Vignettes and other sexual encounters with different NPCs. (excluding operation Lioness for now)
Partner counter – Fixed a bug which allowed for constant increase of partner counter in LRS vignette. Thanks SuperMaxo for reporting it on Bitbucket.
Zombie dad – When parents are seperated (dad is dead) and the player changes the parents to together, dad stays dead. Fixed: added some logic. Also made the 9/11 dropdowns appear correctly.
Unknown girl variables in Wet T-shirt contest – Fixed it by adding some logic. Thanks Tommygun
You know how I can tell if a 18-year-old girl is lying? When her mouth moves – When selecting no drug use, you could still get a stoner boyfriend in ther relationship tables (you liar!). Cause: partner selection widget not working correctly. Should be fixed
Give me “F”! Give me “A”! – University cheerleading section has been slightly reworked: Agents get correct amount of XP and Canadian Agents have a correct probability to become cheerleaders.
Where is the farm? – Location of Camp Peary is now correctly shown as near Williamsburg, VA. Thanks to the reporter on Bitbucket.
Syria posting bugs – XP is now correctly gained for Agents in Syria. Cause: faulty calculation of a variable.
I’m not that old! – HECATE now correctly identifies Agent’s age. Cause: wrong variable set. Fix: changed the variable.
…neither is he! – Game now correctly identifies whether Agent’s first boyfriend is older than her or not. Cause: faulty logic. Fix: added a variable tracking boyfriends’ age
There’s always a chance – Fixed a bug which allowed 0% success rate on one of the rolls. Cause: faulty conditions in dice roll calculation.
I dare you – Fixed a bug which set extremely low (or high) initial Daring values for Agent. Cause: missing brackets.
Magic drinks – Fixed a bug which allowed Agent to drink alcohol in Cathouse which was ordered back in the Corinthian. Cause: variables had old values. Fix: reset the variables. Thanks Yorath for reporting this on Bitbucket.
Stamina bug – Fixed a typo which showed wrong text snippet for Operations Officer recruits with Stamina = 1.
Header bugs – Fixed several minor bugs in headers.
Gap year time travel – Time progresses correctly now for Surval graduates taking a gap year. Cause: a typo in header.
Ave Lingua Latina – Agents who were studying law have regained the ability to show their knowledge in JTF briefing. Cause: legacy code. Fix: updated code.
Gamer girls rule – Fixed a typo which prevented Agent to gain XP in “Video Gaming”, the most useful skill there is.
Elite university applications – Fixed typos which applied wrong modifiers to high school cheerleader and working poor Agents when they attempted to enroll at elite universities.
Money is time – Fixed a typo which made Agents with an allowance in university to lose free time, instead of gaining it.
Naming bugs – Fixed a bug with Surval roomie names. Cause: missing commas in an array.
Rock is for life – Agents now gain XP when they play in a band in university.

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Nah, MC sucking criminals is not for me.

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Plenty of bugs I am afraid. Selections are not reacting. Great story though and surprisingly accurate.

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

This game is really interesting. However, the development is slow and the devs in the latest update decided to add a background story instead of progress the story. At this rate, I doubt we’ll get into the Bangkok-part of the story anytime soon. Plus, if my memory serves me right,… Read more »

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

This game still has next to no content after like 2 years in development. It’s a text game. Earning 4.5k a month from it though. I am jealous.

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

browser is for surfing on the net…

I hunt stupid people
I hunt stupid people

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