Forbidden Apple

A little about the story of the game Forbidden Apple. There will be a mysticism, sci-fi, and a lot of sex. Independent life as always starts with problems and lack of money. Unless, of course, your parents are rich.

There is a dream to quickly create a career and make a lot of money. Living a carefree life, taking in all the pleasures of life. And you’ll get it. Your friends will help you and you will help them.

Make money and enjoy it immensely. Do not deny yourself anything and your life will be full of adventures and unforgettable experiences. You and your friends will travel around the world, while getting into not very pleasant stories.

Overcome any difficulties together. Or maybe soon you’ll be traveling to another planet. And there begins a new life and new adventures.’

A bit about development. For now game is for Windows only. In this version of the game “Forbidden Apple”, the main character is a young guy. He begins his independent life with a great desire to achieve his goal faster.

In order to achieve maximum detail, the locations will not be large. A free and open world is not expected. Move around locations by map. There is still work on optimization.

Dialogs and character interactions. Making different choices in dialogs with characters changes the story. Before engaging in dialog with a character, I suggest saving and going through the different choices in dialogs.

The plan is to develop two storylines in the game, about a guy and a girl. If you’re intrigued by the story, really wanted to hear your suggestions to implement them into the game. With your help, the game will become much more interesting.

– Character customization
– Play in first person or third person. Free camera (erotic scenes)
– Choices have consequences

Developer: ApleDev – PatreonItch |
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3D Game, Adult Game, Erotic, Adventure, Male Protagonist, Sex, Oral Sex, Character Creation, Nudity

Rating: 1.6/5. From 17 votes.
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