Haremence is an Adult Visual Novel with Dating Sim and Training Elements.

In the game Haremence you are a scientist who in cooperation with your colleague accidentally invented the device that allows you to bend human will as you wish. Just as you were trying to figure out what to do with such a dangerous thing, your colleague got kidnapped, and you had to run away from the mysterious forces that tried to steal your device.

A hacker by the name of Alice helped you in your escape and led you to the secret hideout of scientists who ended up in the same situation as yours. Now you need to figure out who kidnapped your colleague and what to do with your new invention.

Haremence features a vast array of beautiful and interesting characters.

Developer: Arpel – Patreon | Itch | Twitter | Discord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Corruption, Groping, Handjob, Harem, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Slave, Spanking, Titfuck, Dating Sim, Mind control, PoV, Romance, Sandbox, Sci-fi, Trainer

Just unpack the archive and play.


New things:

  • Four new events with another  new character making appearance and more than 465 frames in total: Chloe 9, Mia 9, Amber 8, Alice 7
  • Whole Yuki’s fifth and last level one again which means. All of these make more than 550 frames in total:Revamped radiant actions for this level: changed text in every action, replaced frames in almost all of them and some are new completely (We’ll finish completely remaking them for this level in the next update) Pretty long control level up Small greeting and goodbye scenes
  • Two new outfits for two girls
  • Four new nudes events including ones for new outfits
  • Yuki was added to phone contact list
  • Three new message events
  • Added random Mia and Amber interaction in gym
  • Some new soundtracks for new events
  • Added special music for old sex events: Chloe 6, Alice 6 and Mia 7. Should feel a lot better.


  • We saw some complaints about the game size. That’s why for this version we used better compression, so the game size almost hasn’t changed since the last update, despite having a lot of new content.
  • We also saw some people complaining about the grind in mind controlling Yuki, so we lowered the action amount needed to progress a bit. We tried to get it to match with the number of distinct actions on each level. So now you need to do 4 actions on first and second levels and 5 on the third level, instead of 6 everywhere. It’s 20% less actions in total now, hopefully it will feel better for you.
  • Fixed lore explanation of why should MC order lewd stuff to progress with the control in the thinking scene before Yuki is unlocked. It was implied from the start really, so it’s more of a rephrasing with new details:

To progress with mind control MC needs to order things that the subject wouldn’t do under normal circumstances, something they wouldn’t allow, to push the boundaries of the mind. It can be something illegal or dangerous, but both of those don’t seem like a good idea. Besides, lewd commands would give “a reward” for command execution and help progress. So he chooses it.

  • Now it should be more unavoidable, but still not bland.
  • Map button and move button in the bar were swapped. Should be more intuitive, we guess
  • Fixed the bug that sent the player to the wrong menu after pressing the “Living room” option while being in it.
  • Fixed the bug that sent the player to the wrong menu after pressing the “Living room” option while being in it.
Rating: 2.9/5. From 40 votes.
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