Heavenly Peaks Cultivation

Heavenly Peaks Cultivation is an eastern fantasy adventure unlike any other. Build your strength, forge bonds and discover the power of your Big ‘Little’ Brother!
**Warning, if you’re offended by voyerism (watching another man have sex) this game may not be for you.**

Developer: My Big Little Brother – Itch.ioDiscord | Instagram
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Fantasy, Big Tits, Anal Sex, 3dcg, Animated Sex, Hentai, Anime, Monster Girl, Oral Sex, Sand Box, Voyeurism

Download, extract and double click the executable / correct file.


* New title screen.
* Optimization
*QOL Updates
* Prologue Conclusion

Rating: 3.0/5. From 16 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

The combat system and all those training elements are tedious crap.


So basically another NTR cuck piece of shit game.

Meh, when it gets abandoned in a few months because nobody wants to support this pile of cuck garbage, remind me to come back and laugh at it.

Anonymous Fapper

what do you mean ntr you mean it have like mmf

Anonymous Fapper

You’re on a porn site, yet you don’t know the difference between cuckolding and voyeurism. Maybe you shouldn’t even be here.


Not interested in your definitions.

And I wouldn’t be here if these dumbass fuckhead ignorant bullshit ass devs would tag their fucking garbage correctly. But they won’t, because nobody would download and support their cuck trash.


The funny thing is that in every game, the players are watching another man bang a woman. They are just pretending to me the MC and often wishing the MC’s dick is theirs. Every single game is a voyeur one. That is the irony about these cuck comments.


That’s actually not how voyeurism works, retard.


correct every game and porno is essentially cuckbate

Anonymous Fapper

Most games let me name the MC using my name, and control all his actions.
In those cases I am playing as myself, not as “another man”

Anonymous Fapper

Listen cuck. If you are peeping at a guy raping your woman, it is cuckoldry
Devs can say retarded shit like “she is not your one True Love so it does not count”
but she still joins your harem immediately after