In Hex you play as a lowly succubus who manages to possess the body of a powerful mage. However, the body’s former soul still clings to the vessel, threatening to bend the succubus to her will instead. But things aren’t exactly as they seem, and the two souls will be forced to make the most of their unwitting partnership if they are to survive. Oh, and thanks to being a succubus you have to fuck to regenerate MP!

Hex is a sandbox game presented as a visual novel where you can perform prostitution, proposition (or cast spells on) NPCs, go streaking, get covered in cum, and engage in combat with a variety of spells and abilities using a unique turn-based battle system.​

Developer: Outsider Artisan – PatreonWebsiteDiscordItch | Twitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Adventure, Turn based combat, Corruption, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, Teasing, Text Based, Titfuck, Anal Sex, Ahegao, Bukkake, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Footjob, Humiliation, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Prostitution, Titfuck, Urination, Vaginal Sex, Fantasy, Sandbox, Possession, Rpg, Voyeurism

Windows version: Extract and run the executable.

Offline Browser version: Extract and run the “index.html” file in a modern web browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.


Bug fixes

  • [Misc.] Fixed save data update issues.



Bug fixes

  • [Quest] Fixed issue where game becomes broken if you lose to Roy. Again. Should really be fixed this time!
  • [Combat] Fixed issue where holding Space during spirit deflection had unintended effects.
  • [Advancement] Corrected conditions for the Mamma spell to show in the spell list.
  • [Misc.] Fixed typos and some small issues.



Main new features:

  • Yuri mode! Play a version of the game dedicated to lesbian content.
  • Asynchronous online play mode! Create and share a servant with other players online!
  • Mamma spell, lactation, and breast milk potions.
  • Vicis (gender change spell), shearing wind, and embarrassment aura.
  • Player nudity, public bathing, nude combat, and appeal aura.
  • Sky school of combat magic and the imbued aura.
  • Two new story quests.
  • Encounter “cut-ins” and new CGs & artwork.
  • New and improved voiced audio effects, sound effects, and audio tracks.
  • New cosmetics and outfits.
  • Combat balance adjustments and improvements.

Bug fixes

  • [Quest] Fixed issue where game becomes broken if you lose to Roy more than once.
  • [Encounter] Removed bug where, in some cases, encounters could be stopped early before partners had orgasmed at least once, causing bugs and errors.
  • [Misc.] Fixed typos and some small issues.
    • Fixed glitch where dagger attacks were reported as “undefined undefined.”
    • Fixed glitch where some processing on certain combat abilities was happening incorrectly.
    • Fixed dozens of character dialogue box issues with various encounter scene components.


  • [Story] Added two new quests.
    • Added the quest “Lunar Magic Arc: A Thousand Grudges,” which includes a dangerous zone to explore, new enemies, and a new boss battle.
    • Added the quest “Black Magic Arc: Regarding Revenge,” which includes a new boss battle and other new content.
  • [Art] Added a ton of new CGs!
    • Added “cut-ins” for blowjobs, for vaginal sex, and (some) for lesbian sex. Additional cut-ins will be coming to the rest of the encounter types soon!
    • Added CGs for solo lactation. Additional CGs for breastfeeding will be coming in a future update.
  • [Cosmetics] New outfits for Iris and patron-exclusive outfits for servants.
    • The cute cowgirl costume for Iris! Patrons can receive this outfit in the offering box! This outfit can be purchased from the seamstress after doing lactation play at least once.
    • The bunny girl getup for Iris! Patrons can receive this outfit in the offering box! This outfit can be purchased from the seamstress after reaching a certain level of seductive power.
    • Two patron-exclusive outfits for female servants added! More, and some for males, will be coming in the future.
  • [Audio] Added several voiced audio clips and new BGM tracks.
    • When characters orgasm, a moaning audio clip will be played. There are distinct clips for male and female partners, and for Iris.
    • Replaced the voiced audio clips previously used when Iris took damage with new clips.
    • Added new BGM tracks, including a new combat track, new boss battle tracks, and new ambient music.
  • [Erotica] Added new erotic scenes and activities.
    • Added the spell Mamma, with which the player character can induce lactation in herself or in NPCs. This can be used to trigger certain scenes or collect breast milk (including the “own brand” version) for later use. In the future, even more activities involving lactation will be available.
    • The player may use the Vicis spell on NPCs to change their sex. Doing so will then grant the player an opportunity to seduce them for a unique scene where she helps them get used to their new form. Can also be used in combat; see below.
    • When bathing in the lake at the shore, there is a chance the player’s clothes will be stolen, leading to a scene.
    • The player can unlock the ability to leave the chapel naked after meeting certain conditions. Meila must reach a certain level of corruption, the player must have a certain level of interest in exhibitionism, and you must have previously seen the above scene regarding the player’s clothes being stolen after bathing in the lake. Exploring naked has several effects:
      • In combat, being naked grants the “appeal” aura, which increases enemy lust passively, but also severely hampers the player’s defense.
      • Interacting with characters while naked may lead to unique scenes.
      • There are exclusive events and skits that can only occur when naked.
      • Some NPCs and services, including shops, will refuse to have anything to do with you while you remain naked.
  • [Locations] Added new areas to explore and interact with.
    • Visit the shore to talk to Roy or bathe in the lake.
    • The “deep woods” is a new dungeon area the player can explore. You will gain access to this area during the quest “Lunar Magic Arc: A Thousand Grudges.” Explore to find items and enemies, and to advance to the end of the area where a powerful boss awaits. After completing this dungeon, you will still be able to explore non-story relevant parts of the area.
    • After reaching a certain point, you can access the throne realm for the first time after sleeping in the chapel. The throne realm includes tons of new gameplay features and functions, including online play. Not all of the game functions planned for the throne realm are included in this release.

Additions and Enhancements

  • [General] Added “yuri mode” to game. This mode is intended to allow players to enjoy the game without needing to engage in straight sex. This game mode does not eliminate or prevent straight sex, and male NPCs will still appear and proposition the player character.
    • In yuri mode, sex with anyone or any gender grants essence or shining essence flasks. Semen flasks are no longer obtainable. Essence flasks have the same effect as semen potions, while shining essence flasks have the same effect as thick semen potions.
    • Certain lesbian sex moves that are normally locked behind straight sex (for example, foot worship is normally unlocked by performing footjobs with men) will now be unlocked by having lesbian sex.
    • Yuri mode will force the player’s sexual preference to women.
    • The “Female customers” configuration option will be set automatically to the maximum (all the way to the right) to prevent males from appearing in prostitution, but you can change this at any time.
    • Finally, note that you can only set this option when starting a new game, and the choice is permanent for that playthrough. You’ll need to start over again to change to or from yuri mode once a game has already been started.
  • [Combat] Added a new spell school and made several balance adjustments.
    • Added the spell school “sky magic,” its aura “imbued,” and three new spells and three new expertise passives! As well as new graphics for the school. This spell school will be unlocked during the quest “Lunar Magic Arc: A Thousand Grudges.”
    • Adjusted the power curve of wound stacks. Before, more wound stacks would linearly increase the DoT. With this change there are breakpoints, where stacking a number of wounds past a certain point reduces the damage per wound. For example, the effect of wound stacks 21-30 will be less than the effect of wound stacks 11-20.
    • Kinesis restores less MP across the board, and like wounds, after certain breakpoints, additional stacks will be weakened.
    • The player can now engage in combat naked! This grants the player the appeal aura (see below).
    • New aura: embarrassed weakens attack power by up to 25%. Inflicted by certain succubus spells.
    • New aura: appeal granted to the player character when she is nude. Reduces defense massively, but passively inflicts lust on the enemy.
    • New aura: imbued, which is somewhat similar to kinesis, and stacks with kinesis. Imbued restores MP over time, and grants damage reduction against magical attacks. Also causes arcs of lightning that inflict wound stacks on enemies when its raining. Associated with sky magic.
    • New defense: Spirit deflection. Using a mashing interaction, Meila can deflect attacks from grudge weapons to protect Iris.
  • [Advancement] Added new succubus spells.
    • Mamma: Induce lactation in the player or NPCs.
    • Vicis: Transforms the target. Turns men into women and women into men, and may also change various other features. Also makes the target naked for some reason… Can be used in combat and on NPCs. The changes are not permanent, and cannot be used on the player herself or any non-human characters/enemies. In combat, inflicts the embarrassed aura.
    • Shearing Wind: Summon a powerful gust. Doesn’t deal damage, but may strip enemy combatants naked. Inflicts the embarrassed aura.
    • Rain: Granted automatically (no SP cost) when you unlock sky magic. Allows the player to trigger brief localized rainstorms, temporarily overriding the normal weather.
  • [Interface] A few tweaks and changes here, mostly just to improve scaling on mobile devices.
    • You can now “boop” Iris when she appears in text mode. Click or tap on her face, breasts, or certain other places to see a brief reaction from her.
  • [Online] Added new online play mode to the game. You can create and customize a servant in the throne realm, then set them to go and visit other players. You can also receive servants from other players as visitors in your throne realm. Visiting servants can sell items and have sex with players and rewards for these interactions will available for the player who owns the servant to collect. Servants are every basic right now, but additional customization parts, personality types, and interactions are planned and will be rolled out over time!


  • [Engine] Several technical optimizations were made to asset handling and performance. The result is a smaller install with better performance!
    • Assets are preloaded more efficiently, and loading times (especially over the network) should be faster.
    • The game now loads some very commonly used assets at startup.
    • Certain internal flag systems have been converted to using a new, more efficient format for storage, shrinking the game’s massive local storage footprint by a bit. This is an optimization intended to keep the game from becoming unplayable on mobile devices in the future.
  • [Exectuable] Updated NW.js to v0.72. This is the last version of NW.js that supports Windows 7 & 8. Non-alpha versions of Hex will likely drop support for Windows versions lower than 10 to avoid technical debt, so be prepared for that possibility in the future.
  • [Network] Players are now assigned IDs and can connect to a server to share their throne realm servants, and receive rewards from other players interacting with these servants. Several changes and optimizations were required to make this work correctly.

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